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This is the standard arugula variety.  Long, dark, lobed leaves are suitable for salad mix or bunching. At maturity, the long, dark green, lobed leaves form a loose, open bunch. Easy to grow, baby or full size. Sprinkle flowers over salads or add to vegetable stir fries.

Harvest the edible flowers as they appear. Arugula will reseed vigorously. Ready for harvest in 21-40 days.

Arugula 500 Organic Seeds


This arugula variety has a great wasabi flavor. Wasabi arugula gives the same nose-tingling sensation as the wasabi condiment used in Japanese dishes. Leaves are spoon-shaped with a toothed margin.  This variety is best for very early spring and fall plantings as well as winter planting in regions with mild winters. Late spring and summer plantings have a tendency to bolt. Excellent bunched or to add a unique punch to salad mixes.  Ready for harvest in 45 days.

Wasabi 500 Open Pollinated Seeds


Growing Arugula

Arugula is a leafy salad green with pungent and peppery leaves.  Arugula grows best in cooler weather (mid-fall-early spring), and is considered to be an annual.  Arugula can be grown in daytime temperatures above 40 degrees F in a sunny location (it requires some shade in the summer).

Like most leafy greens, arugula can be directly sowed into the ground, but in order to get the most out of your arugula requires some ground work before you plant your arugula seeds.

Well drained soil is best for arugula, but the soil requires a lot of moisture, so be sure to water frequently in order to maintain a soil pH of 6-6.5.  Once the soil can be worked with (in the spring, or you can prepare the soil in the fall before you cover your garden beds for the winter so the soil will be ready to plant in the spring), add in some manure or compost-doing this will also help to maintain a soil pH of 6-6.5. 

Plant your arugula seeds ¼ inch deep, and 1 inch apart, then gradually thin to 6-inch spacing in either rows or in a designated area. Once the arugula is sowed into the ground, in approximately 4 weeks, the arugula will grow to a height of 1-2 feet, and will be ready to harvest.  Don’t pull the entire plant-just take a few leaves of each so you’ll have a continuous supply.

Visit our page on germination tips for more helpful tips.

You can enjoy your arugula in a salad with lettuce or other leafy greens, or you can use it in sandwiches.

Happy Gardening!

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