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Ace Bell Peppers are made with hybrid seeds. They are extra-early and highly productive, producing huge yields of medium sized three to four lobed fruits. They have an apparent tolerance to blossom drop as nearly every flower produces a pepper.  Ready to harvest in 70 days.

Ace 50 Hybrid Seed


The Big Bertha Bell Pepper Plant produces good yields of 7" long by 4" wide sweet peppers. Peppers turn from deep green to red when mature. This plant has green stems, green leaves, and white flowers. Impress your neighbors by growing a Giant Bell Sweet Pepper! Suitable for home gardens and market growers.  Ready to harvest in 87 days.

Big Bertha 25 Hybrid Seeds


Add another color to your pepper basket, Bianca Bell Peppers. These ivory colored peppers are medium-large, 4-lobed, and blocky. The fruits have a mild taste and ripen to scarlet red. Sturdy plants yield well; good leaf cover protects the fruit from sun scald. Ready to harvest in 65 days white and 85 days red ripe.

Bianca White 25 Hybrid Seeds


California Wonder Bell Peppers are a widely adapted variety, well-known and preferred by many market growers and gardeners. A smooth, blocky bell, mostly four lobed, with thick walls. Fruits up to 4 x 4¾ in. Foliage provides good cover for fruits. Tobacco mosaic resistant. Organically grown.  Ready to harvest in 70 days.

California Wonder 50 Organic Seeds


Early Hungarian Sweet Bell Pepper Seed is from Dr. Terry Berke at the Asian Vegetable Research Center. This is an extra-early, large wax Hungarian sweet pepper. Similar to Feherozon except that plants are taller (14–18 in.) and fruits are slightly longer (2½ × 4 in.)  Ready to harvest in 70 days.

Early Hungarian Sweet 50 Organic Seeds


Flavorburst Bell Pepper is vibrant yellow. Initial color is lime green, turning to yellow when ripe. Excellent, sweet flavor. Medium-large fruits are mostly 3-lobed and slightly elongated.  Harvest in 67 days green and 87 days yellow ripe.

Flavorburst 25 Hybrid Seeds


Grow Gourmet Bell Peppers which have bright orange fruits, thick, juicy walls, and fruity sweet flavor. Medium-large, very blocky fruits are easy to grow under a wide variety of conditions. Strong compact plants set plentiful fruits without crowding.  They have a high resistance to tobacco mosaic virus.  Ready to harvest in 63 days green and 85 days orange.

Gourmet 25 Hybrid Seeds


Islander Bell Pepper has light lavender skin, pale yellow flesh. 3-lobed, medium-size, thick-fleshed peppers with a mild, lightly sweet taste. Fruits ripen through a showy stage of violet, yellow and orange streaks, eventually turning a rich, very dark red. Strong, medium-tall plants yield well.  Ready to harvest in 70 days.

Islander 25 Hybrid Seeds


Keystone Resistant Giant Bell Pepper is a California Wonder type with large, blocky, pendant fruit (3½ x 4 in.). Mosaic resistant. Heavy foliage reduces susceptibility to sunscald. Thick stems hold up under heavy fruit load. Well suited to the Mid-Atlantic, but not recommended for the Deep South. Organically grown.   Ready to harvest in 70 days.

Keystone Resistant Giant 25 Organic Seeds


King Arthur Bell Pepper is for early production of large green or red fruits. Plants are large and early to bear big crops of large, thick walled fruits. Widely adapted. High resistance to bacterial leaf spot races 1, 2 and potato virus Y.  Ready to harvest in 63 days green and 85 red.

King Arthur 25 Hybrid Seeds


One of the best variety of purple bell peppers, Purple Beauty is highly productive and will produce crisp fruits with thick flesh. Delicious and beautiful, add color to your garden and dinner plate. Organically grown.Ready to harvest in 80 days

Purple Beauty 50 Organic Seeds


Rainbow Blend Bell Pepper Blend is so gorgeous. Rather than having to decide which color bell pepper to plant, we created our Organic Rainbow Bell Blend so you could have the best of both worlds - the ability to plant several different colored organic sweet bells at just one price!  This mix contains big, blocky bells in red, green, yellow, orange, purple and chocolate.  Get ready to add some fun color to your garden and dinner table!  Ready to harvest in 70 days.

Pepper Bell Rainbow Blend 50 Organic Seeds


Grow Red Knight Bell Peppers with better disease resistance and a more compact open plant. Get a jump on the season with a large, early, green-to-red pepper. They are big, blocky, thick-walled, and turn red early. They are fruity and sweet; widely adapted. High resistance to bacterial leaf spot races 1-3, potato virus Y, and tobacco mosaic virus. 

Ready to harvest in 63 (green)-85 (red) days

Pepper Bell Red Knight 25 Hybrid Seeds


The Sweet Chocolate Bell is a brown pepper with remarkable earliness, heavy set; it is tolerant of cool nights. It has a smooth, medium-small, tapered, "snub nose" (blunt end) bells with long fruit stems, very mild flavor, and medium thick flesh. The flesh under the skin is brick red. The earliest maturing "chocolate variety," developed by the late E.M. Meader, Univ. of New Hampshire. Organically grown.

Ready to harvest in 58-78 days

Bell Pepper Sweet Chocolate 25 Organic Seeds


Sweet Sunrise is a medium/large bell pepper plant with three and four lobed fruits which are blocky to slightly elongated. The flavor is both fruity and sweet. A few days earlier than Flavorburst, Sweet Sunrise has a sturdier, medium-sized plant with better leaf cover. Yields well and fruits ripen early, even in the North.

Ready to harvest in 65 days

Pepper Bell Sweet Sunrise 25 Organic Seeds


The Yankee Bell Pepper was developed as a non-hybrid bell pepper for Northern growers. It produces blocky, three to four lobed, medium size, green to red fruits and is strongly branched with good cover. Plants are less apt to make too many peppers in the initial crown set, resulting in a higher percentage of smooth, thick-walled fruits. Peppers hold well into the sweet red stage.

Ready to harvest in in 60 days

Bell Pepper Yankee Bell 25 Organic Seeds


Unique addition to your summer garden - White Bell Peppers are both unusual and tasty. Translucent white peppers turn to pale yellow when mature. 3-4 lobes, White Bell is medium thick fleshed. Give this one a try!

Ready to harvest in 87 days

Bell Pepper White 50 Heirloom Seeds


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