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Add some dramatic flair to your garden with this well-balanced blend of Cayenne varieties in a rainbow of colors - red, orange, yellow, purple and green. All peppers are similar in shape and texture, with firm, tapered, 3 inch fruits that keep their color when dried. Very ornamental but edible as well, requiring only average soil and occasional watering to produce prolific yields.  Ready to eat in 60 to 75 days

Cayenne Blend 25 Heirloom Seeds


Cheyenne Cayenne is sweet and hot cayenne for fresh use. Attractive, wrinkled fruits avg. 8-9" with medium-thick walls. Flavor is excellent - fruits are both sweet and moderately hot. Excellent for frying and in salsas. High-yielding, medium-sized plants. Ready to eat in 80 days.

Cheyenne 25 Hybrid Seeds


30,000-50,000 Scoville. Beautiful Cayenne Purple Peppers are impressive not only for their appearance but also for their delicious taste. Plants produce good yields of green peppers that turn purple, then red in the last stage of maturity. Great used fresh, pickled, dried, or ornamentally. Ready to eat in 80 days

Cayenne Purple 50 Organic Heirloom Seeds


Plant Cayenne Long Red Thin Pepper Seeds Be forewarned: this pepper will make you beg for a tall glass of water! The Organic Cayenne Long Red Thin Pepper is a very hot pepper that registers 30,000 – 50,000 units on the Scoville scale. Excellent in all sorts of meat and poultry dishes. Not for the squeamish or the bland.  Ready to eat in 75 to 90 days.

Cayenne Red 50 Organic Heirloom Seeds


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