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This page tells how to buy cotton seeds from David's Garden Seeds.

Cotton Arkansas Green Lint is a soft light green cotton with short fibers, seeds very dark green. The yellow-pink flowers are lovely, excellent in floral arraignments. 5–7 ft. tall plants. Organically grown. Ready to harvest in 135 day.

Arkansas Green Lint 16 to 20 Organic Seeds


Erlene's Green Cotton has fibers that are light olive green and can be spun off the seed. Harvest the bolls shortly after they open so that the fiber does not fade in the sunlight. Once it is spun and washed it turns yellowish-green. 5 ft. tall plants.. Organically grown.  Ready to harvest in 130 days.  NOTE: We cannot ship cotton to Georgia, South Carolina or California.

Erlene's Green 16 to 20 Organic Seeds


Mississippi Brown Cotton is drought-tolerant. Its five foot tall plants produce an abundance of light tan to golden brown cotton. Some plants have deeply lobed leaves like Nankeen.  Ready to harvest in 130 days.  NOTE: We cannot ship cotton to Georgia, South Carolina, or California.

Mississippi Brown 16 to 20 Heirloom Seeds


A short-fiber, naturally brown cotton grown since the Civil War. The lint is a non-fading attractive dark copper color that becomes brighter as it is washed. The seed retains the lint, making it easy to spin off the seed. Branches of the plant are longer and thinner and leaves more lobed than other cotton. Unlike modern hybrids, its blooming cycle is longer, it grows well in poor dry soil, it’s hardier and appears to have slightly better insect-resistance. Nankeen is planted as an ornamental in some parts of Louisiana.  Ready to harvest in 135 day. We cannot ship cotton to Georgia, South Carolina, or California.

Nankeen16 to 20 Heirloom Seeds


Red Foliated White Cotton is a beautiful plant with dark red stems and leaves. 3-5 ft. tall, grows well in a container or in a flower bed. Green when it first emerges but soon develops its red coloring. The cotton is a short staple white.   Ready to harvest in 130 days. Cannot ship to GA, SC, or CA.

Red Foliated White 16 to 20 Organic Seeds

Unavailable at this time.

Naked seeds” are easily removed from the lint, has a longer fiber than other browns. The tall (5-6 ft.) plants and some shine to the spun cotton both point to a Sea Island heritage.  We cannot ship cotton to Georgia, South Carolina, or California.  Ready to harvest in about 130 days.

Sea Island Brown 16 to 20 Organic Heirloom Seeds


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