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This page gives instructions on how to buy cowpea seeds from David's Garden Seeds. 

Iron and Clay Cowpeas are grown much like soybeans. Frost sensitive, but fast growing to 2 1/2' in warm/hot weather. Sow midspring once soil has warmed. Drill at 25-50 lb./acre or broadcast up to 120 lb./acre, 1/2 to 1" deep. Relatively long taproots help withstand drought. Cowpeas are not tolerant of high weed pressure or wet soils and will perform poorly in these conditions. If planted thickly, they will smother out weeds. Cowpeas can also be used for under-seeding in spring crops and tilled under prior to fall-planted crops.  Ready to harvest in 75 days.

Iron and Clay One Ounce Organic Heirloom Seeds


Steele's Black Whippoorwill Cowpea produces six inch pods with grey- black speckled seeds. Vigorous vines best trellised or given plenty of room to sprawl, as the vines will produce several harvests as they continue to grow. Organically grown heirloom seeds.  Ready to eat in 75 days.

Steele's Black Whippoorwill 50 Organic Heirloom Seeds


Pinkeye Purple Hull Cowpea is an early, heavy-yielding, semi-bush variety with good disease resistance. Concentrated set of 6-7 in. dark purple pods, buff-colored peas with purple or pink eyes. For canning, freezing, or fresh eating.  Ready to eat in 65 das.

Pinkeye Purple Hull 100 Organic Seeds


Zipper Cream Cowpea is a southern favorite. Bushy two to three foot plants bear prolifically with six to nine inch pods with large, creamy-white seeds, 18 to 20 seeds per pod; easy to shell. Unusually, seeds have a taste between English peas and cowpeas when fresh.  Ready to eat in 75 days.

Zipper Cream 50 Open Pollinated Seeds


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