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This page gives instructions on how to buy heat tolerant lettuce seeds from David's Garden Seeds.

Heat tolerant, butterhead. Open pollinated seeds. Developed by the same talented breeder, Adriana is larger than Ermosa with a broader disease package. Heads are full and dense with good taste. Good tolerance to tipburn, heat, and bolting, with resistance to downy mildew races 1-16 and LMV.  Ready to harvest in about 50 days.

Lettuce Adriana 500 Open Pollinated Seeds


Forms a small, open but tightly bunched, 6" rosette that is fan-shaped rather than round. The leaves are dark green, and the small, compact hearts blanch to an appetizing yellow color. Crisp and sweet. Slow bolting.  Harvest in about 45 days.

Buttercrunch 500 Organic Seeds


Summer Crisp Heat Tolerant. Thick, crisp, dark red leaves with good flavor. Similar appearance to Magenta except much darker red color, though not quite as sweet. Very slow bolting with excellent tolerance to heat and bottom rot. Resistant to DM races 1-16, 19, and 21.  Harvest in about 50 days.

Lettuce Cherokee 200 Open Pollinated Seeds


Heat and tipburn tolerance with excellent taste. Tall, heavy heads are bright light green with excellent eating quality. Our best-tasting romaine. Heads somewhat more closed than Kalura, which it replaced. Summer Crisp Heat Tolerant.Organically grown.  Days to Harvest: 29 baby, 57 full size.

Jericho 500 Organic Seeds


Heat Tolerant. Summer Crisp. Shiny, slightly puckered, red-tinged leaves form a conical head with a crispy, green heart. Ideal for spring and summer plantings with good taste and resistance to bolting, tip-burn, and bottom rot. Resistant to downy mildew races 1-16, 19, and 21 and tolerant to LMV.  Harvest in about 50 days.

Magenta 200 Open Pollinated Seeds


The most heat tolerant lettuce. Muir is an extremely heat tolerant variety and was the slowest to bolt in our summer trials. Technically a Batavian type, the light-green, extra-wavy leaves form dense heads at a small size and can be harvested as a mini or left to bulk up into large, heavy, full-size heads. The leaves are crisp and have excellent flavor. Suitable for hydroponic systems. Utility Patent granted. High resistance to downy mildew races 1-26, 28, 32, Nasonovia nibisnigri aphid, and tomato bushy stunt virus (lettuce dieback complex); intermediate resistance to lettuce mosaic virus. MT0-30.  Harvest in about 50 days.

Muir 200 Organic Seeds


Summer Crisp Heat Tolerant. Bright green leaves form dense, closed heads. Resists tipburn, bottom rot, and bolting, and its great flavor stays mild. Heavy heads. Spring and summer crops. MT0-30.  Harvest in about 50 days.

Nevada 500 Open Pollinated Seeds


Leaf Heat Tolerant. Best heat and bolt tolerance of standard greenleaf types. Plants produce full heads with heavy leaves. Corky root resistant. Tolerant to tip burn. Organically grown.  Ready to harvest in about 60 days.

Tropicana 500 Organic Seeds


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