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This page gives instructions on how to buy heat tolerant radish seeds from David's Garden Seeds.

Commonly referred to as "Watermelon" radish. Large, 2-4" (depending on harvest date), round radishes with unique dark pink flesh. Large tops. Remarkably sweet, delicious taste. For summer to fall sowing only; will bolt to seed from spring sowing,  Harvest in about 30 days.

Red Meat 200 Open Pollinated Seeds


Extra early radish. Rover is extra early, holds well in the field, and has less of a tendency to produce oval radishes under heat stress than other varieties. The smooth, dark red roots are extremely uniform and attractive with crisp, white flesh. Very widely adapted. Rover is our best round red radish.  Harvest in 30 days.

Radish Rover 200 Hybrid Seeds


Heat tolerant and reliable. Roxanne has the ability to produce good crops of round radishes, with very few ovals, in warm weather. It also has performed well in the spring and fall. Widely adapted. AAS winner.

Radish Roxanne  300 Hybrid Seeds


Heat-tolerant organic radish. Sora produces high-quality roots that maintain their crispness and resist pithiness even when oversized or in warm weather. Produces fewer oval roots in hot weather than Rudolf, which it replaced. Suitable for spring, summer, or fall crops. Organically grown.  Harvest in about 30 days.

Sora 200 Hybrid Seeds


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