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Introduced 1864. Black Mexican Sweet Corn is a time-honored New England sweet corn. Despite its name, it appears to have originated in upper NY, and was probably derived from Iroquois Black Puckers sweet corn. The name may have been given by a seed company attempting to provide novelty to its seed selection, a practice not uncommon in the late 1800s. The kernels, white at milk stage, change to bluish-black in the late milk stage, but the flavor is exceptional. 5-1/2' plants. Ears average 7-1/2" x 1-1/2", typically with 8 rows of kernels. Harvest several days before kernels show color to several days afterwards. Although adapted to New England, it does well as a second early variety in the South. Organically grown.  Ready to harvest in 76 days.

Black Mexican 50 Organic Heirloom Seeds


Bloody Butcher Dent Corn stalks grow 10 to 12 foot tall, producing two ears per stalk. Kernels are blood-red with darker red stripes, and occasional white or blue kernels. For flour, cereal, or roasting ears. Great for the Southeast. Heirloom.  Ready to harvest in 100 days.

Bloody Butcher 100 Heirloom Seeds


Introduced in 1890, Country Gentleman Sweet Corn produces 8" long ears on very tall stalks. Kernels are not laid out in rows but instead are packed in a zigzag pattern. Sweet and delicious, kernels stand up well frozen for corn throughout the winter.  Ready to harvest in 90 days.

Country Gentleman 100 Heirloom Seeds


Golden Beauty Sweet Corn is a rugged and versatile variety that will grow in just about any soil and in just about any climate. An exceptional early corn that tends to produce a large yield. Golden Beauty is a trusted heirloom corn variety first introduced in the 1950's and still going strong! Ready to harvest in 70 days

Golden Beauty 50 Heirloom Seeds


Here is your chance to grow a corn in your garden that predates our Civil War, Stowell's Evergreen Sweet Corn! Though this is one of the oldest, sweetest white corns available, it is still a favorite among many. Matures slowly over a long period of time and then rewards the gardener with plump, sweet, white kernels.  Ready to harvest in 95-100 days.

Stowell's Evergreen 100 Heirloom Seeds


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