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Beautiful Annual Phlox drummondii grandiflora ALBA produces a beautiful fragrant white bloom. Annual Phlox is attractive to both birds and bees but is susceptible to over watering. Be sure to plant in a sunny, well draining location.  Blooms in 60-70 days.

Alba 500 Open Pollinated Seeds


Art Shades Phlox Mix is a fast-growing cut flower. Stems are 6-8" taller than Tapestry Mix which it replaces. Flowers are a similar mix of colors. Also known as annual phlox. Ht. 20-26".  Blooms in 50-65 day.

Art Shades Mix 100 Open Pollinated Seeds


Cherry Caramel Phlox has an antique look to it. Cherry Caramel's long stems make it highly desirable as a cut flower or border plant. Also known as annual phlox. Ht. 16-20".  Blooms in 50-65 days.

Cherry Caramel 100 Open Pollinated Seeds


Mixed Colors Phlox is a lovely mix of feminine hues that are sure to delight not only the gardener, but all the winged friends who come from far and wide to appreciate our efforts! A Native North American Wildflower, Annual Phlox is an easy grower, thriving in full sun and blooming mid/late season.  Blooms in 60-90 days.

Phlox Mixed Colors 500 Open Pollinated Seeds


Scarlet Phlox has vibrant red flowers on full bushy plants. A classic garden annual, it is one of the most colorful for early summer to fall flowering. Quick growing makes them best for sowing directly into final containers or the garden. Ht. 15-20".  Blooms in 50-65 days.

Phlox Scarlet 100 Open Pollinated Seeds


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