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This page gives instructions on how to buy pole bean seeds from David's Garden Seeds.

Carminat Pole Beans have beautiful, slender purple pods. Much nicer than older, purple pole bean varieties. Harvest pods at 8-9". Excellent, rich, and slightly sweet flavor. Suitable for fresh use in salads or cooked. Beans turn green when cooked.  Ready to harvest in 62 days.

Carminat 50 Open Pollinated Seeds


Cherokee Cornfield Pole Bean Seeds are heirloom seeds with pretty earth tone shades and markings. Yields well, especially when grown up corn stalks. The story goes that the different color varieties should not be separated out or else they will barely flower -- that much like a family, they are stronger when kept together. Traditionally eaten as a shelly bean -- boil the pods like one would with edamame, then pop the small beans out of their pods. Great for growing in the south. Ready to eat in 60-110 days.

Cherokee Cornfield 50 Heirloom Seeds


Fortex Pole Beans are the "must have" for CSA's and farm stands. This bean  has an extra-long harvest period. Growing to over 11", Fortex produces extra long, round pods. Early and very productive, the beans may be picked at 7" in length for extra slender, "filet" beans. Dark green, firm-textured pods are completely stringless and delicious at all lengths, even after the seeds enlarge.  Ready to harvest in 60 days.

Fortex 50 Open Pollinated Seeds


Plant Gita Pole Bean Seeds for Asian and specialty markets. A more widely adapted day-neutral variety of a subtropical Asian specialty. Graceful, 16-20" long, dark green pods, no bigger than the diameter of a pencil. Stringless, sweet, and richly flavored for steaming and stir-fry. Prefers warm days and nights - expect reduced yield in cooler areas. Use a tall trellis.  Ready to harvest in 85 days.

Gita 50 Open Pollinated Seeds


Kentucky Wonder Pole Bean Seeds are organic heirloom seeds. An old fashioned favorite, "Kentucky Wonder" is what some experts say is the American name for the classic "runner bean." That tells you it'll be a strong pole or fence-growing vine with great green pods to harvest right into fall.  Ready to harvest in 65 days.

Kentucky Wonder 50 Organic Heirloom Seeds


Monte Gusto Pole Beans have bright yellow, smooth pods. This elegant, flavorful wax bean is a clear improvement over older, less attractive pole wax bean varieties. Pods mature at 8-8 1/2" but may also be harvested as very attractive filet beans at 7". Better tasting than bush wax beans.  Ready to harvest in 58 days

Monte Gusto 50 Open Pollinated Seeds


Red Noodle Pole Beans have high-yielding burgundy beans. 16-20" long beans are borne in clusters of up to four beans each. Healthy, vigorous plants. Sweet flavor compares to Gita. Burgundy color will fade when cooked. Red seeds.  Red Noodle is a variety of cowpea (very heat tolerant). The plant itself is subtropical/tropical and most widely grown in the warmer parts of South Asia, Southeast Asia, and southern China. They are best for fresh use if picked before they reach full maturity, but mature pods can also be used like dry beans.  The plants take longer to reach maturity than bush beans, but once producing the beans are quick-growing and daily checking/harvesting is often a necessity. As long as this is done, there should be no issues with woody texture.  Ready to harvest in about 85 days.

Red Noodle 100 Open Pollinated Seeds


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