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Baby Pam Pumpkin is the best quality pumpkin for pumpkin pie. It has bright, deep orange skin and thick, tan handle. Attractive small pie pumpkins avg. 4 lb. Dry, sweet flesh is clearly the best of all varieties for pie. Avg. yield: 4-5 fruits/plant. Organically grown.  Ready to harvest in 105 days.

Baby Pam 50 Organic Seeds


Cargo PMR Pumpkin makes the perfect Jack O'Lantern. It is a robust hybrid with strong handles and beautiful color. Cargo PMR's rich orange color and large size, 20-25 lb., make it an excellent choice for all pumpkin sales including u-pick operations, farm stands, and large bins. The short vines produce 2-3 fruits/plant at 24-30" spacing. Intermediate resistance to powdery mildew  Ready to harvest in 100 days.

Cargo PMR 25 Hybrid Seeds


Casperita Pumpkin is selected for productivity, shape and color. Ideal for pick-your-own operations, fall markets, and home decoration. Casperita Pumpkin is selected for productivity, shape and color. Ideal for pick-your-own operations, fall markets, and home decoration.This mini, 1/2-1 lb., white pumpkin has strong green handles and holds its color well. Avg. yield: 7-8 fruits/plant. Intermediate resistance to powdery mildew and watermelon mosaic virus.  Ready to harvest in 77 days.

Casperita 25 Hybrid Seeds


Casper Pumpkin is ghostly white and adds a friendly touch to your Halloween décor. Almost completely smooth, this pumpkin is easy to carve or paint and its flesh is super sweet, which makes it perfect for pies and baking as well!  Ready to harvest in 115 days.

Casper 25 Heirloom Seeds


Champion Pumpkin is perfect as a big jack-o'-lantern with early maturity. Typically 30 lbs. or more, well ribbed, with thick, medium length handle with an upright shape. Vigorous medium vines. Avg. yield: 1-2 fruits/plant. Ready to harvest in 90 days

Champion 25 Open Pollinated Seeds


One of the largest carving pumpkins! Its origins trace back to prior to 1700, so it is also one of the oldest heirloom pumpkins, native to the United States. Heavy yielder, Connecticut Field Pumpkin produce large bright orange round fruits that are flattened on the ends - ideal for Halloween Jack O'Lanterns. 15 to 25 pound pumpkins.

Connecticut Field 50 Heirloom Seeds


The world's record for size-originator's stock. Huge pinkish or orange fruits for fall display. 50 to 100 pounders are commonly grown. Fertile soil, irrigation, wide spacing (70 or more sq.ft./plant), and limiting each long-vined plant to one fruit commonly result in 200-300 pounders. The current world record is an Atlantic Giant of 1,469 lb. We offer seeds from the originator, Howard Dill of Nova Scotia. Not for carving.  Ready to harvest in about 120 days.

Dill's Giant Atlantic Pumpkin 15 Heirloom Seeds


Howden Pumpkin is the standard large pumpkin. Developed by John Howden of Massachusetts in the early 1970s, it defined "the look" in big Halloween pumpkins with its deep orange color, defined ribs, and good handles. They vary in shape and weight, typically averaging 25 lb. or larger. Avg. yield: 1-2 fruits/plant. While still nice in a good year, the new hybrids are more dependable in quality and yield. Originator's stock.Ready to harvest in 115 days.

Howden 25 Organic Seeds


Tiny, decorative and even edible, Jack-be-Little Pumpkins are perfect for little hands or little spaces. Vines are compact and will spread only about 10-15 feet. Miniature Jack-Be-Little Pumpkins are uniform and smooth skinned, usually measuring about 3 inches across and 2 inches high. Once harvested these pumpkins are long lasting, making them perfect for seasonal decorations and a favorite among crafters and florists.

Jack Be Little 50 Heirloom Seeds


Carving and baking pumpkin. The name says it all, but did you also know that the Jack O'Lantern, or Jack-O-Lantern Pumpkin is also delicious in pies, muffins, and more?This is the standard for Halloween carving pumpkins, but its versatility as a culinary powerhouse should not go unnoticed. Attractive, delicious, and tons of fun!

Jack O'Lantern 50 Heirloom Seeds


Jarrahdale Large Pumpkin produces medium to large, average 12 to 18 pound drum-shaped fruit with heavy, rounded ribs and slate-gray skin. Sweet, thick, orange flesh. Long storage. An attractive squash for fall displays as well as food use. Avg. yield: 2-3 fruits/plant.  Ready to harvest in 100 days.

Jarrahdale 25 Open Pollinated Seeds


Kakai Pumpkin has striped fruits and delicious "pumpkin nuts." Eye-catching, medium-small, averaging five to eight pound black-striped pumpkins. After displaying the pumpkins next fall, you can scoop out the large, dark green, completely hull-less seeds, which are absolutely delicious roasted. Kakai is a variety of the Austrian type that yields the valuable green pumpkin seed oil that some European studies show promotes prostate health. Semi-bush, short-vine plants. Avg. yield: 2-3 fruits/plant.  Ready to harvest in 100 days.

Kakai 25 Open Pollinated Seeds


Long Island Cheese Pumpkin is grown with heirloom seeds. Medium-large, flattened, medium-ribbed, suggesting a wheel of cheese. Smooth, tan skin, slender woody stem. Deep orange, moderately sweet flesh for pie. Long storage. A beautiful oldie. Averaging six to ten pounds with an average yield of two fruits per plant.  Ready to harvest in 108 days

Long Island Cheese 25 Heirloom Seeds


Marina Di Chioggia Pumpkins average six to twelve pound bumpy squashes make a wild yet subdued ornamental statement for fall. Amy Goldman in her new book, The Compleat Squash, describes this Italian seaside specialty as deliziosa, especially for gnocchi and ravioli, and a culinary revelation. Avg. yield: 2 fruits/plant.  Ready to harvest in 100 days.

Marina Di Chioggia 50 Heirloom Seeds


Wonderful small-medium, white pumpkin. Carving/Baking. Very uniform, smooth-skinned pumpkins avg. 8-12 lb. Perfect for decorating or carving. Long, dark green handles. Avg. 3-4 fruits/plant. Combine it with Kakai, Bliss, and Orange Smoothie for a great display.

Moonshine 25 Hybrid Seeds


Musque de Provence Pumpkin is a southern France mainstay. Ribbed, flat, tan fruits are bigger than Long Island Cheese, averaging 8 to 15 pounds. Thick, deep orange, moderately sweet flesh. In France cut wedges are sold in supermarkets and farmers' markets for cooking. Decorative. Late maturity. Long storage. Sometimes called Fairytale in the U.S. Avg. yield: 2 fruits/plant. Ready to harvest in 125 days

Musque de Provence 50 Open Pollinated Seeds


New England Pie Pumpkin is a dark orange-skinned pumpkin in a range of small sizes, typically four to six pounds. Although not as sweet as squash, the well-colored, orange flesh is relatively starchy, dry, and stringless. A well-known mini Jack O'Lantern type for pies.  Ready to harvest in 105 days.

New England Pie 25 Organic Heirloom Seeds


Rouge Vif D'Etampes is the bright scarlet French pumpkin, known as Rouge vif d'Etampes in France. "Rouge vif" means "vivid red". This is an attractive variety, actually a squash, for fall display. Shaped flat, looking like a red cheese wheel, the fruits average in the 10-15 lb. range. The moderately sweet, orange flesh is suited for pumpkin or squash pie.  Ready to harvest in 115 days.

Roughe Vif D'Etampes 25 Open Pollinated Seeds


Seminole Pumpkin keeps up to one year at room temperature! Small fruits are sweeter than Butternut and have firm, deep-orange flesh. Large vines bear bell-shaped buff-colored fruits averaging 6 in. in diameter. Resistant to vine borers. Excellent downy mildew resistance; a good choice for hot, humid, disease-prone areas. Give it ample water and room to roam. Also good as a summer squash when picked young. Organically grown.  Ready to harvest in 95 days.

Seminole 25 Organic Seeds


The Small Sugar Pumpkin is noted as one of the finest pie pumpkins. A staple heirloom baking pumpkin, the "Small Sugar" has been enjoyed around the Thanksgiving table for more than 120 years!  Ready to harvest in 100 days.

Small Sugar 25 Organic Heirloom Seeds


Wee Be Little Pumpkins are tiny, round pumpkins. Remarkably miniature, about the size of a baseball, average 3-3 1/2 inch diameter, 10-14 ounces and very endearing. Slightly flat-round shape like a normal pumpkin. Bright orange rind, smooth enough for painting. Semi-bush plants for close spacing. 1999 All-America Selections winner. Average. yield: 8 fruits per plant.  Ready to harvest in 95 days.

Wee Be Little 25 Open Pollinated Seeds


Wolf Pumpkins have very thick, long, strong handles. Howden-size (avg. 25 lb.) with huge handles.

Wolf Pumpkins have very thick, long, strong handles. Howden-size (avg. 25 lb.) with huge handles. Distinctive, round pumpkins are deep orange with moderate rib. Thick flesh helps prevent flat-siding. Nice breeding work by Western New York farmer Chris Awald. Matures late. NOTE: Wolf takes more room to grow than other pumpkin varieties. Plant 2-3 seeds every 3' in rows 12' apart. Once seedlings have germinated, thin out every other grouping of seedlings so you are left with a grouping of seedlings every 6'. Avg. yield: 2 fruits/plant.  Ready to harvest in 120 days.

Wolf 25 Open Pollinated Seeds


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