Doomsday Beets

This page talks about storing, growing and harvesting doomsday beets.  Check out our page on beet nutrition.  Based on a 1200 calorie a day diet, one would need about 18 beets a day.  There are about 74 calories in one cup of beets.  Two beets make a cup.  (Size and type of beet will vary this)

One would need 6570 beets a year to survive.  There will always be some loss.  And we would also need to grow some for seed production.  I do not know how many seeds a beet plant will produce but lets guess (I am growing beets now and will let them mature to find out) and say 100 seeds per plant.  So we will need 65 plants for seeds for the next season and 65 for emergencies. 

Let's plan on 7000 plants.

To properly grow a beet, one would need soil that is about eight inches deep.  Each beet would need about 16 square inches of growing room.  Usually the more growing room, the larger the beet.  We would need about 800 square feet for planting beets (not including walk space). 

For our doomsday beet you would need about 1/4 of an acre for beets, which is much less than green beans.

Of course we would take into account other stuff we are growing, raising, catching or hunting.

We have given the basic formula for one person for one year.  From here you can break it down and figure out how many you need.

Also remember that for each person you need another unit for emergencies and another the next year.  Rotate the seeds so the new seeds are stored and the older ones are planted. 

Do not store all your seeds in the same place.  If you have them, glass containers, which can be buried, would work best. 

Beets can be grown as long as the soil does not freeze and become hard.  In some areas you can grow beets all year long.  If the weather is cool, then the beets will keep for several months when harvested.  They can be kept in the ground and growing for quite some time as long as the ground is dry.  If it is wet for a prolonged period of time, they will start to rot.

All things depend on weather, soil and water conditions.

For best all around production and storage, I would suggest Bull's Blood since its leaves can be eaten as well.

Another good beet is the Touchstone Gold with gold flesh that is very sweet.

The Blankoma is a white beet.  This would definitely fool any food scavengers.  It's white color might make scavengers think something is wrong with it.

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