Planting Cauliflower

A head of cauliflower ready to be picked.

This page provides written and visual instruction on Planting Cauliflower. We will be using the Snow Crown Hybrid as the model for this page, pictured above.

Remarkably early and dependable. This hybrid shows unusual seedling vigor. Good-quality, medium-sized heads whether harvested in summer or fall.

Good tolerance to moderate fall frost. NOTE: Under fertility or moisture stress, it can show a purplish coloration on the undersides of the heads.

Ready to eat in 50 days

CULTURE: In general, cauliflower is grown like cabbage. High fertility, an abundant supply of moisture throughout the season, and "sweet" soil (pH 6.4 to 7.4) are important.

PLANTING: Sow seeds at 1/4 inch.  Too deep and they may not germinate and grow into seedlings.  Seeds can be planted indoors using 3 inch CowPots.  Plant 1to 2 seeds per pot.  Soil will need to be kept at 70 degrees or more for proper germination.

Once seedlings emerge, they will need a grow light for 14 to 16 hours a day.

After danger of frost has passed, seeds can be direct sown in garden bed.  If possible, keep soil at least 70°F until germination.

Transplants can be planted outdoors when 4 to 5 weeks old; older plants are generally too checked in growth for good performance!

For early spring planting, harden plants carefully by gradually increasing cold before transplanting.  Plant seedlings 18 inches apart and 24 to 36 inches between rows.

BLANCHING: When small white heads become visible through leaves, gather outer leaves over head and tie with string or large rubber band to preserve white curd color.

Although tying is not necessary to grow cauliflower, the practice helps prevent yellowing of the curd due to exposure to sunlight and results in better head quality when curd develops during hot weather.

HARVEST: Keep an eye on development, cutting heads when desired size is obtained but before curd becomes loose.

Below is a picture of our section on planting cauliflower. I thought things were cooling down some, but they have not. I started these plants indoors and then moved out thinking I would transplant them. But it was too hot. I have planted these in my second greenhouse and I thought they would be OK, but even in the greenhouse with fans it is still too hot. They seem to be doing OK though.

Next time I will use July, August and September as a rest period.

In the pictures below are some heads of Snow Crown Cauliflower we grew and harvested for the fall season. They weighed about two pounds and tasted great. I was able to freeze six heads of cauliflower.

I did not get the harvest I expected since I started my seedlings too early. The heat stunted their growth.

New cauliflower plants in our backyard.
Head of cauliflower forming in the garden.
A picked head of cauliflower that is ready to be cooked and enjoyed.

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