Steps Of Seed Germination

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In short germination is the process in which a seedling emerges from a seed begins growth. This is the short form.

For a gardener this is the taking of our vegetable seed, putting in a good soil mixture, adding the right amount of water and light so that the seed will start the growing process.

To germinate, seeds need the soil to be at a certain temperature. Not all seeds require the same temperature. It is best though for the soil to be above 70 degrees.

The best way to check this is to put a meat thermometer in the soil.

In the past I have tried various Steps of Seed Germination that have failed because I did not have enough heat for the germination process or light once they did germinate.

I am now using a germination mat and grow lights. So far my results have been much better.

Steps of Seed Germination also include the depth of the seed. If the seed is planted too deep, it will germinate but die before becoming a seedling for lack of light.

A good way to make sure you are planting the seed at the correct depth is to use a ruler a mark a stick at the correct dept. Then use that stick to make sure you have the seed at the correct depth according to manufacture planting instructions.

I have found that the bigger the seed, the quicker it is to germinate.

Squash and cucumber seeds germinate fairly easy, tomatoes do well. Peppers take a little longer and strawberry seeds have proved to be the hardest for me so far.

To help with germination I use CowPots.

I like their sturdiness and size.

Buy Good Seeds to start off with. Determine how many plants you wish to start.

I have found that peat holds the moisture better than soil or potting soil.

Fill your pots with peat, then soak them overnight. After soaking them overnight put them on your germination pad for a day to warm up the soil.

Once the soil is warm plant your seeds according to manufacture instructions. Water again. Turn on your grow light for added heat. Also put in a label stick so you will know what plant you have planted

Each day add water as necessary. Do not let the dry out. Then in three to fourteen days, depending on the seeds you have sowed, you should have seedlings.

Try to start fast growers together. Squash will grow a lot faster than tomatoes so if you plant them together, you will not be able to adjust your grow light properly.

The slower growing plants will not get enough light which means they will grow tall and thin. This is not a good thing and once it happens there is no way to fix it. You will have to start over.


Below are pictures from our seed germination.

Starting Seeds Indoors. Measure and mark sticks.
Starting Seeds Indoors. We plant our seeds in Cowpots.
Starting Seeds Indoors. We plant our seeds in Cow pots.

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