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David's Garden Seeds And Products Newsletter
April 30, 2018

Big News For David's Garden Seeds®

Are you ready for the big news? After two years of patiently waiting and resubmitting forms over and over, David's Garden Seeds® name and logo are finally trademarked!!!!

We have worked very hard over the past nine years to bring you quality Non-GMO seeds while others have pretended to be us, selling seeds on the internet. They won't be trying to fool you anymore!

We Are Planning A Move!

Our contractor has been busy all of last week and this week, getting our new building for David's Garden Seeds® ready for us to move in. We are already moving some things in but the bulk of our stuff won't move until this weekend. The store will be closed as we move next door and set up our work space and a much larger retail store.

If all goes well, we should be ready to conduct business from our new location, 7717 Tezel Rd., on Monday, May 7!

Our employees are excited as they will have room to spread out and will have a break room.

We are planning to purchase some Tower Gardens for display in the store, plus, Juanita, aka Mrs. David's Garden Seeds®, will have some of her handmade items for sale in the store.

David is busy moving seeds into the new building as our contractor and his team finish up the walls and doors they are adding.

Come visit us next week at our new location!

Until next time.

Juanita aka Mrs. David's Garden Seeds

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