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David's Garden Seeds And Products Newsletter
August 15, 2017

Fall Is Upon Us!

Fall is approaching rapidly. Here in San Antonio, the kids go back to school next week! Even though temperatures are still hitting 100 degrees in Texas, it is time to think about our fall gardens.

We have a beautiful selection of vegetable seeds that will grow well in the fall, provided you live in a warm climate in the southern/southwestern United States.

Please plan your fall garden now and get your orders to us as soon as possible before we run out of the seeds you want!

Because it is still hot, especially in Texas, we have many heat tolerant seeds that you can plant now, including tomatoes, like the Celebrity Beefsteak Tomato, the Beefsteak Beefsteak Tomato (yes, the name is actually Beefsteak!), the popular Cherokee Purple Beefsteak, the Black Krim Beefsteak, and the Supersweet 100 Cherry Tomato. There are many other heat tolerant seeds at David's Garden Seeds as well.


Pictured above is the ever popular Cut Flower Wildflower Mix.

If you would like to have beautiful wildflowers pop up in the spring where you live, order your wildflower seeds now. You will need to get them in the ground, (not too deep-we recommend only about one fourth of an inch!) in October so they will have a chance to get cold and then they will germinate in early spring. We have Texas Bluebonnets, Butterfly and Hummingbird Wildflower Mix, Cut Flower Mix, and many more gorgeous blends. Take a look at what we have here on our NEW Wildflower page.

Below is a photo of Texas Bluebonnets that come up in March and early April here in San Antonio.

Website Additions

We have added a whole new Amazon store that you can check out here: David's Amazon New Store.

Please help spread the word about us by sharing this newsletter with someone you know who loves gardening. Let them know that we are now on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram. I encourage you to follow us there for the latest information and photos.

Buying In Bulk

We have begun buying more of our popular seeds in bulk which means we get more for our money so we can give you lower prices on many of our most popular seeds!

Visit Our Store

There are three ways you can get David's Garden Seeds for your garden.

1. Visit our physical store in person at 7715 Tezel Road in San Antonio, Texas.

2. Shop on our website here!

3. Shop on our Amazon Store at this link: Amazon 2017

I will close by stating again that you should order your fall seeds now while our selection is still great. I don't want you to be disappointed when we are out of your favorite seeds.

Until next time.

David Schulze

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