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David's Garden Seeds And Products Newsletter
February 24, 2018

Happy Almost Spring!

David asked me to put out a short newsletter today to let you know what is going on here at David's Garden Seeds.

We have had a busy 2018 so far! We have hired three new team members at David's Garden Seeds since January. Welcome to Bethany, Sierra, and Jobea! You have all helped to make our business run smoother by jumping in and doing whatever needs to get done to get seeds properly counted, packed, and shipped.

David and I have been busy creating new seed collections. We now have 12 Companion Planting Seed Sets to help you take the guess work out of gardening. Did you know that planting your carrots near your tomatoes will result in stunted carrots? Are you aware that corn and tomatoes planted together will not work out? It's true. Some of the new kits are up on the website and we are working hard to get the rest up. We have a few Companion Planting pages up but we will be adding to them so our website will be more helpful to you.

Our Seed Collection Sets have become very popular and we cannot seem to keep them in stock. At last count, we were at 50 different collections with plans for several more. Most of the seed collections are vegetable collections. There is one fruit seed collection and two herb collections. We are working to add all of them to the website. David and I do this ourselves so it is a bit time consuming. Keep checking our website and soon they will all be added.

Our latest three seed collections are combinations of herbs and flowers. They include the Butterfly Attractant Collection, Bee Attractant Collection, and Hummingbird Attractant Collection which were all created within this past week. Each one includes ten packs of David's Garden Seeds flower and herb seeds in individual packets.

We Are Planning A Move!

A larger building will be available in April so we are making plans to move David's Garden Seeds where we will have more room and a larger retail store. Right now, we are sort of climbing over each other as we try to pull seed packets to fill orders and our team members are sharing table space as they work. We have definitely maxed out the office space here after almost 2.5 years!

If you have not yet begun to plan your spring garden, you still have time, but we are already running out of some of your favorite varieties! The spring rush started during the second week of January for us this year. We are so grateful!

Until next time.

Juanita aka Mrs. David's Garden Seeds

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