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David's Garden Seeds And Products Newsletter
July 31, 2017

Summer Went By Fast!

It is hard to believe that there are just a few weeks of summer left. School starts in about two weeks and we have not put out a newsletter in over two months. The summer has just flown by!

Even though it was 104 degrees Fahrenheit here in San Antonio yesterday, fall is approaching. It is time to get out the calendar and find out what can be planted in the fall in your area.

Here in San Antonio there are a lot of things that can be planted. Go to the Texas A&M website and there is a complete list. We have been busy updating our website. Many pages have been taken down with the remaining pages being of the most interest to our readers. We felt we were trying to compete with others who have devoted a lot of time and attention to growing stuff. Many of their videos are much better than what we can do.

Our website also has a new design, feel and look. I believe it is much easier to use. We are still adding pages for heirloom and organic items as well. This will make it much easier for you to find something heirloom, organic, or both.

Thanks to our wonderful customers we have been able to buy more seeds in larger bulk quantities. This has allowed us to lower our prices on many products. In many cases, we were able to lower the price as much as $1. And we hope to be able to lower the price on many more products by the spring time.

If the ground never freezes where you are located then plant root crops. Here in San Antonio, the ground does not freeze so it is an excellent time to plant root crops.

New Staff

We recently added three new staff members to David's Garden Seeds to keep up with the demand for our seeds. Welcome to Stephen, Erica, and Daniel!

We went out as a team for lunch and a movie last week. We do this about once a quarter just to let the team know we appreciate them.

Website Additions

For the remainder of the summer, Juanita and I will be focusing on adding pages to the website about seed saving and doomsday preparedness, as well as tomato grafting and growing hot peppers.

Our team continues to pack seeds and ship out orders.

Please help spread the word about us by sharing this newsletter with someone you know who loves gardening. Let them know that we are now on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram. I encourage you to follow us there for the latest information and photos.

Visit Our Store

There are three ways you can get David's Garden Seeds for your garden.

1. Visit our physical store in person at 7715 Tezel Road in San Antonio, Texas.

2. Shop on our website at David's Garden Seeds.

3. Shop on our Amazon Store at David's Garden Seeds Amazon Store 2017. Order your fall seeds now while our selection is still great. Fall planting time will be here before you realize it (if you live where you have warm autumns)! Until next time.

David Schulze

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