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David's Garden Seeds And Products Newsletter
March 12, 2017

The Tree T Pee In The Garden

Several years while watching Shark Tank, a gentleman came on there talking about his Tree T Pee which helps trees keep from dying when frost hits.

I thought it looked like a good product and decided to get a few of these for my vegetable garden and try them out.

Here are the advantages in my vegetable garden:

1. They did keep the frost off of my plants when we got hit with a rare and severe frost unexpectedly here in San Antonio.

2. They did keep our three crazy dogs off of my plants.

3. When we got hit with a hail storm in April of that year and had golf ball sized hailstones, the parts of the plants that were protected by the T-Pee did not suffer any damage. Where many in San Antonio had to replant their gardens, I did not.

While these tree protectors did do what was advertised, even though I used them for plants and not trees, the disadvantages outweighed the advantages.

1. The plants were hard to transplant--this was because I surrounded the Tree T-Pee with a wire cage so I had to cut a hole in the wire cage to plant.

2. The Tree T-Pee shaded the plants causing them to grow tall and thin. 3. The Tree T-Pee does not allow much water to get inside.

4. They took up too much space in my garden beds. Where I planted one tomato plant, I could only plant one pepper plant, broccoli, cauliflower and so on, instead of four.

While the Tree T-Pee works great on trees, it is not so great for plants. So I will be pulling these up and reworking my garden. I will have to come up with another idea to keep the dogs off of my plants.

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David Schulze

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