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David's Garden Seeds And Products Newsletter
October 12, 2018
New Items!

Welcome Back Reaper & Ghost

Hot Pepper Seeds!

Back by popular demand, David's Garden Seeds is proud to announce that we have Carolina Reaper Seeds as well as Ghost Pepper Seeds! If you love hot peppers, these will not disappoint! Grow them if you dare! Links are below:
Buy Ghost Pepper Seeds Here! Page down until you find the listing that says: Bhut Jolokia aka Ghost Pepper 25 Heirloom Seeds
Buy Smokin' Ed's Carolina Reaper Chili Pepper Seeds Here!
Several customers have been asking for an herb called Comfrey. We are pleased to let you know that we now have both the seeds and plants. We will ship the seeds but we do not ship plants so you will need to visit our store in San Antonio to purchase the Comfrey plants. Buy Organic Herb Seeds Page Scroll down near the bottom and you will find the listing for True Comfrey Herb (Green) 20 Organic Seeds.

If you don't follow us on Social Media, please check us out on Instagram here. We are on Facebook here, and on Twitter right here. I almost forgot our Pinterest page. You can find behind the scenes photos and news on the different platforms, including some of our new seeds and when we run sales on Amazon. Yes, you will also see our pets, our own garden, and nature shots; also the occasional selfie--Juanita just cannot help herself!

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If you are close by, come visit us at our new location, 7717 Tezel Road in San Antonio! We are open Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm.

Until next time, David

PS--We have Texas Bluebonnet seeds in blue, purple, and maroon but hurry. They need to go in the ground now in time to have beautiful spring bluebonnets! Texas Bluebonnets in Blue, Maroon, and Purple for a limited time!

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