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David's Garden Seeds And Products Newsletter
February 12, 2021

Let's Talk Greens

Good afternoon from our Farm Store, where it is currently 37° Fahrenheit and the next seven nights will be below freezing. This does not happen in Texas. Right now, we are pulling up all of our brand new fruit and nut trees that were just planted in our orchard. They will be stored in our greenhouse until all of this cold weather is gone.

We have covered everything we have that is growing like our strawberries, greens, and snapdragons but more than likely, we will lose almost everything if the weather does what they are saying. The coldest it is forecasted to be here is 11°. We are in Texas. How?

Well, let's talk about warmer times, like spring, when it is time to plant greens. We have a lot of Greens seeds--Greens Mixes, Asian Greens, and Leafy Greens. Everyone knows that greens promote digestive health and are a necessary part of everyone's diet.

Greens are good for you and they can be tasty raw, cooked, or in smoothies. Don't be afraid to experiment with them in the kitchen.

If you would like to know more about greens, you can read David's page on planting and growing greens.

I think it will help you, especially if this if your first try at greens.

Here is where we have the seeds: Buy Asian Greens Seeds Buy Greens Mix Seeds Buy Leafy Greens Seeds Be sure to order soon to get your favorite seeds in time for spring planting. Once this Arctic blast is over, there will be just a few weeks to get your garden ready and start planting. For more information on planting and growing-cucumbers.html, click here.

Our Farm Store

You can order seeds online or you can come out to the farm.

Our physical store is located at 5029 FM 2504, Poteet, TX. We are actually in the beautiful community of Rossville, right on FM 2504. There are signs on the fence as you drive by that say "David's Garden Seeds". Turn in at the gate and park in our parking lot.

An Important Tip is to stay on our driveway and/or our parking lot. Do not drive in the sand or you will get stuck in the sand unless you have four wheel drive.

We think you will enjoy the drive out to the farm. Once you get off of I35 or 1604, you will calm down (because the city traffic goes away!) and enjoy the country roads. There are horses and cows to see almost everywhere! We just love it out here and we hope you will visit often as we continually add on to the farm.

Our store is open from Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm and on Saturdays from 10am until 2pm. We are closed on Sundays.

Our gorgeous store is pictured above so you will recognize it. Right now, we have no plants or starts for you to purchase yet, but we do have over 1600 varieties of seeds.

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If you don't follow us on Social Media, please check us out on Instagram here. We are on Facebook here, and on Twitter right here. I almost forgot our Pinterest page. You can find behind the scenes photos and news on the different platforms, including some of our new seeds and when we run sales on Amazon. Yes, you will see our pets, our own garden, and nature shots; also the occasional selfie--Juanita just cannot help herself!

Please Follow, Like, and Share our pages with your gardening friends. We appreciate it!

Have a wonderful time planning and growing your spring garden!

David and Juanita Schulze David's Garden Seeds®

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