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February 22, 2020
Grow Carrots This Spring!

Grow Carrots This Spring

Did you know that carrots come in more colors than just orange? A lot of people are very surprised to find that you can grow Non-GMO carrots in white, yellow, orange, red, and various shades of purple!

Some carrots are long and thin, others are short and fat, while some are the perfect, uniform size. They come in shapes and sizes varying from 2 to 10 inches long, with tapered roots to small round, Parisian Market types.

We have found there is no better way to get kids involved in gardening than by letting them plant carrot seeds. Show them the carrot tops as they begin to grow and explain that the carrot is growing underground. When harvest time comes for the carrots, the kids will be so excited to pull up all the many colors of carrots to eat.

If you don't have kids, carrots are still wonderful to grow in early spring as well as in the fall.

You can see all of our Carrot Seeds here.

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