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David's Garden Seeds And Products Newsletter
March 13, 2021

Happy Saturday!

Good Saturday afternoon, fellow gardeners! This is Juanita writing from David's Garden SeedsĀ® Farm Store. I was going to send this out this morning, but we have been so busy today that I have not been able to. There is now a pre-closing lull so I thought I would give the newsletter that should have gone out yesterday a try.

Yesterday, we had several contractors here working on our new buildings, the well, and other things. Yes, we brought in another two buildings to help with storing our seeds. We seem to be going through a growth spurt which is a good problem to have. We now have three managers instead of one - a production manager, a fulfillment manager, and a farm manager. We have hired some new people, moved some people around, and some have quit. Today, we will go to a goodbye party for one of our newer employees who is going to become a Marine on Monday. Seth, we are so proud of you! The Marines said they would not call him up until August but they changed their minds.

Yesterday, we went to Hondo for fertilizer and to buy some rose bushes. We bought 18 rose bushes from one of our customers who sells them.

Then we got 12 new baby chicks to add to our flock. They are so adorable.

Customers are finally finding us out here on the farm. We gave several farm tours today as well.

Now we are going to talk about growing spring carrots.

Grow Carrots This Spring

Everyone loves carrots, right? We have beautiful carrots in a variety of colors that you will love. We have shades of purple, yellow, red, white, and orange that are sure to be a hit with your children or grandchildren. You can find all of our Carrot Seeds here. Planting carrots is easy. Make a shallow trench about one quarter of an inch deep and sprinkle the tiny carrot seeds every few inches. Sometimes they just get away from you because they are so small. Then lightly cover the seeds with a bit of dirt and use a soaker hose to water so you don't dislodge the seeds.

You can find out more about planting and growing carrots here.

Our Farm Store

You can order seeds online or you can come out to the farm.

Our physical store is located at 5029 FM 2504, Poteet, TX. We are actually in the beautiful community of Rossville, right on FM 2504. There are signs on the fence as you drive by that say "David's Garden Seeds". Turn in at the gate and park in our parking lot. You will find about 1700 varieties of seeds, our chicken eggs, and some of the homemade canned food we have made in our commercial food. Be sure to stay on our driveway and/or our parking lot. Do not drive in the sand or you will get stuck in the sand unless you have four wheel drive.

We think you will enjoy the drive out to the farm. Once you get off of I35 or 1604, you will calm down (because the city traffic goes away!) and enjoy the country roads. There are horses and cows to see almost everywhere! We just love it out here and we hope you will visit often as we continually add on to the farm.

Our store is open from Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm and on Saturdays from 10am until 2pm. We are closed on Sundays.

Our beautiful new store is pictured above so you will recognize it. Right now, we have no plants or starts for you to purchase yet, but we do have over 1700 varieties of seeds. The snowstorm cold weather wiped out what we had.

Follow Us On Social Media

If you don't follow us on Social Media, please check us out on Instagram here. We are on Facebook here, and on Twitter right here. I almost forgot our Pinterest page. You can find behind the scenes photos and news on the different platforms, including some of our new seeds and when we run sales on Amazon. Yes, you will see our pets, our own garden, and nature shots; also the occasional selfie--Juanita just cannot help herself!

Please Follow, Like, and Share our pages with your gardening friends. We appreciate it!

Have a wonderful time planning and growing your spring garden!

David and Juanita Schulze David's Garden SeedsĀ®

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