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David's Garden Seeds And Products Newsletter
March 26, 2021

Happy Friday!

Today is Friday! The weather has been gorgeous with just the right amount of breeze to keep us cool. This has been a busy week on the farm. The walkway to our two new buildings has been completed and some of our team was busy doing more spring planting out in the back forty this morning. We harvested a lot of Purple Passion Asparagus as well as a huge haul of Black Nebula Purple Carrots and orange Scarlet Nantes carrots. We sold some by the pound. Yesterday, some of our team peeled and chopped them to can.

We got to see a beautiful wild turkey in the field next to us. He did not get close enough for a clear photo but he had his wings all spread out. He or she was gorgeous.

This week we are going to talk about growing some heat tolerant flowers--zinnias! Because not just any ordinary flower can stand up to the heat here in Texas. Zinnias can. We have five types of zinnias.

Growing Gorgeous Zinnias

When you live in Texas or anywhere in the southwestern United States, you want something can take all of the heat the sun has to give. A few years ago, we decided to plant zinnias. They lasted all through the spring and summer right up until a frost in the middle of November killed them in our yard. They just kept on blooming over and over. You really get your money's worth with zinnias and they are beautiful.

You can find all of our zinnia seeds here: Zinnia flower seeds home page.

We have several bi-color zinnias which means they have two colors on each zinnia in different patterns. They are just stunning!

Next, we have several packs of mixed colored zinnias that are just gorgeous.

We have Oklahoma varieties of zinnias that are round in shape.

Then we have the Queen varieties that include two colors in these majestic zinnias.

Finally, we have solid colors of zinnias so you can have a block of white or yellow or red or purple or more zinnias. We have green, orange, several shades of pinks, reds, and purples. These are show stoppers.

Plant your zinnias in your front yard so you can show them off to the neighborhood and plant some more in the backyard so you can sit and admire them in your secret garden. They are truly amazing, no matter which ones you choose.

Our Farm Store

You can order zinnia seeds (as well as our other seeds) online or you can come out to the farm.

Our physical store is located at 5029 FM 2504, Poteet, TX.

While you are here, you can get some plants, our farm fresh chicken eggs in a beautiful array of colors, pick up a barbecue to kick off spring, and take a tour of our farm. We are adding new things all of the time.

You will enjoy the drive out. Once you get off of I35 or 1604, enjoy the country roads. There are horses and cows to see almost everywhere! Our store is open from Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm and on Saturdays from 10am until 2pm. We are closed on Sundays.

Tomato Starts Are Available!

Our beautiful new store is pictured above so you will recognize it. We do have a few tomato starts from our greenhouse for sale at $3.45 per plant. We also have a few Maxifort tomato root stock plants which David is giving away with the purchase of tomato plants if you would like to experiment with grafting since it is a bit too late in the season now for grafting. The grafting clips are not free. There are a limited number of Maxifort plants left.

There are some Comfrey plants and some Citronella that is just coming back after our winter storm in February.

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David celebrated his birthday this week at Salt Grass Cinema Ridge Steakhouse in San Antonio. We took the whole team and had a blast. Above is one of Juanita's selfies with David that she took at Salt Grass.

Have a wonderful time planning and growing your spring garden!

David and Juanita Schulze David's Garden SeedsĀ®

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