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David's Garden Seeds And Products Newsletter
March 29, 2019

Sunflowers Say Spring

This month, we are looking at Sunflowers. If you have never grown any, give it a try.

We have the spectacular 12 inch Mammoth Grey Stripe, shown above, grown for the delicious snack of sunflower seeds it provides. This dinner plate sized flower will bring cheer to everyone who sees it. At the end of the season, collect the seeds, salt them, and bake them for a treat the whole family will enjoy.

Pictured above is the Peredovik Sunflower, grown mainly to attract quail, dove, and turkey. Hunters love this. The deer love to munch on the actual plant so you need to guard your crop. Peredovik is also used to make sunflower oil.

Black Oil Sunflowers are grown for oil production but doves, quail, and turkeys are attracted to it so it is another hunter's favorite sunflower. You can see all of our Sunflower Seeds here.

Our Featured Seeds

This month, we are featuring a variety of spring planting seeds on our Home Page.
Our Featured Seed of the Month for April is the Nebechan Bunching Onion. If you purchase the seeds from our Featured Seed Of The Month page, you will save 50 cents off the price of a each pack.

1. For a limited time, you can get a pack of 500 Butterfly/Hummingbird seeds for just $2.95 plus tax.

2. For a limited time, you can get a pack of 50 Mammoth Grey Stripe Sunflower seeds for just $2.95 plus tax.

FREE Shipping On $50 Or More

We are extending our FREE Shipping on orders of $50 or more so you can take advantage of this when ordering your spring seeds. David's Garden Seeds.
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If you are close by, come visit us at our new location, 7717 Tezel Road in San Antonio! We are open Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm and we have Live Plants that we have grown in our greenhouse for you to purchase.

Remember, it is never too early to plan your Spring Garden. Order your seeds early as the new varieties are going quickly, as well as many of your favorites.

May God bless you in this new year!

Juanita aka Mrs. David's Garden SeedsĀ®

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