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David's Garden Seeds And Products Newsletter
May 24, 2020
Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Memorial Day!

Hi Friends!

It has been a very very busy three months for us here at David's Garden SeedsĀ®.

We were all set. Seeds packed and ordered. Crew trained and ready. Supplies ordered and stocked.

Then someone opened the floodgates and all our seed packets were sold out in two weeks. Orders were flying in. We had to add nine new, temporary team members who found themselves needing a job when their work places were placed on the non-essential list.

Instead of buying one each of two or five pounds sacks of seeds, we were buying 25-50-100 pound sacks.

I could not believe the numbers I was seeing. So I started going to other garden websites. One after another was closed. Even Burpee and Baker Creek were shut down. Those that were not closed were on a modified schedule where they were only serving commercial buyers.

We thought about closing down as well, but then I remembered that it is not about the money (more on this in a bit) but about providing seeds to people who needed to be comforted by soil running through their fingers while they were in lock-down. They needed to feel they could sustain themselves if things got worse. They needed to feel that they could accomplish something. That something being the planting of a seed, a seed that grew into a seedling then into a mature plant that starting producing food. They could sit back and clap themselves on the back and say, "I am a farmer. I am going to be all right. I will survive this."

As for the money...The money, which is being invested back into the business, has allowed us to move up our plans by three years.

We purchased our store building, and the other three as well. One for production, one for seeds and one as a classroom complete with a commercial kitchen so we can have classes and "can" our product for selling and eating ourselves.

We are able to upgrade our irrigation system.

We were able to buy the chickens and get their coop made.

We were able to buy the rabbit house and will get the rabbits soon.

We have 1/2 the privacy fence (from deer and other animals--they are not likely to jump into areas they cannot see) put up.

We are having all the electricity installed that we need.

We were able to buy a 10 x 12 store room, too, with the other three sheds we have.

We were able to build another greenhouse and add a large Port-A-Cool to it for an experiment we are conducting.

We were able to add decks and patios to our house and to the store.

We were able to give about $50,000 to various charities.

We were able to help some of our team members out. We bought them many lunches as they slaved to get the many thousands of unprecedented orders filled.

There were many other things we were able to do, too many to list here.

We are tired though, bone tired.

One disappointment in all of this was our cruise with Dave Ramsey was cancelled. But we got every penny back from the cruise to the plane tickets.

The other was, there was no time to plant my own garden. Here it was. I finally had all the space a gardener could want and no time to plant it. Most of our fall crop went to seeds. We wanted to start mint plants of different kinds, comfrey plants and citronella plants. We were not able to do this.

We used some of this money to but a new above ground pool. And my vehicle with 200,000 miles on it bit the bullet so we will be getting a new used vehicle to replace it as soon as we find one within our budget.

We thank you and appreciate you trusting us with your seed orders. Without you, none of this would have been possible.

And, praise the Lord, we have a few bucks left over.

Farm Life

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Happy Memorial Day!

David and Juanita of David's Garden SeedsĀ®

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