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October 22, 2019
October Planting

October Planting

If you are one of the fortunate people who lives in the Southern United States of America, you probably have a second season for planting veggies, Fall! Here in Texas, we do. We get our best garden of the year in September, October, November, and sometimes in December! The photo above shows our green beans last year in November, right before a freak frost hit. We did get a lot of beans before it hit.

God has blessed us with good weather in the South, especially in Texas! Just yesterday, here in Rossville, Texas, it was 92 degrees. Today's high will be 83. That is just crazy, but the plants love it!

You also want to get all of the wildflower seeds for next summer in the ground in October for beautiful Texas Bluebonnets and other early and later wildflowers. Here is more information for your fall garden.

Farm Life

Farm Life is going well. We are still trying to fix up the farm home and the garden area and greenhouse. It takes a lot of time when you have four acres! We are still not unpacked.

Some of our fall planting has been done but we are still planting more.

One interesting note: we still do not have electric except from a generator! The electric company told us our target date is November 15 when we applied for it back in July. You can follow our progress by going to Mrs. David's Garden Seeds Our Small Farm. You can start from back in July or just click on the fall parts. Juanita takes you through our journey day by day in this section of the website.

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We are featuring Cabbage as an ideal fall weather plant. Of course, it does well in spring, too. Here is the link to Cabbage Seeds.
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David and Juanita of David's Garden SeedsĀ®

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