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David's Garden Seeds And Products Newsletter
October 25, 2018
Are You A Prepper?

Are You A Prepper?

If you are a Prepper, Survivalist, or a Doomsday Planner, David has written some pages with information about growing your garden during adverse conditions. He talks about seeds, calories, and how many of each type of plant you would not to survive. Here is a portion from David's Garden SeedsĀ®:

One thing that I came up with is the 1/3 rule (if someone else has this I do not know about it). Plant 1/3 of your seeds for this season. Keep 1/3 for next season. Store 1/3 for emergency or trade purposes.

You can see what David's valuable doomsday information here. We don't offer many seeds in bulk, but we are offering a few varieties specifically for preppers. If you would like to buy some of our seeds in bulk, you can do that here.

Our fall garden is coming along nicely. We harvested some beautiful bush beans this afternoon.

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Until next time, David

PS--We have Texas Bluebonnet seeds in blue, purple, and maroon but hurry. They need to go in the ground now in time to have beautiful spring bluebonnets! Texas Bluebonnets in Blue, Maroon, and Purple for a limited time!

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