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David's Garden Seeds And Products Newsletter
December 13, 2016

Fellow Gardeners,

It has been sometime since we have put out a newsletter. In the up-coming year, we will get one out once a month. We have experienced tremendous growth this year, to the point we have had to hire a manager to take care of our staff.

David On A Soap Box

As Americans, we all want good paying jobs. However, we want to buy cheap. This cheapness causes business to move jobs overseas so we can buy cheap.

If you have read about us, then you know we do not sell cheap seeds. We sell only the best. Offering our customers the "best" means they cost more; thus we have to charge more. All of our seeds are packed in the United States by American citizens. Our lowest paid employee makes $15 an hour.

We also send all of our packages with the minimum of tracking. Sometimes we send the package with signature tracking. This also costs money.

And we do not fudge the paper work in any way.

Now where am I going with this you ask?

I was looking on Amazon the other day and I am amazed at the number of people from other countries selling seeds on Amazon. There are businesses from Taiwan, Singapore, Vietnam, France, UK, Australia, and of course, China.

In almost every case, they are charging less than their American counter-part. It seems that the shipping to the US ought to cost more, but apparently it does not. If we send something overseas, shipping is very expensive.

I have ordered a few seed packs from overseas to see how they stack up against mine. First of all, the packs I received have been marked "jewelry" or "gift". No mention that the item inside was seeds. Why? Because American Customs confiscates any packages that say "seeds" on them. This is to keep the American seed stock pure.

In my test buys, I have received packs of seeds that are outdated according to the date on the package. I have received items that were named differently than what I ordered. It seems these sellers think as long as they get close to what we ordered they are okay.

Now seeds do come to the US from other countries, but in bulk and there is an inspection process they go through. Of course, this process adds to the price of the seeds.

I ask that you keep this in mind as you buy your seeds for this season. Buy from an American company. But keep in mind that some American companies do send their seeds overseas to have them packed. It is another reason why they can offer them so cheap. If you shop at Wal-Mart and buy food, you may want to check the label. There are a lot of brand names that we grew up with whose food was produced in the US. This is no longer true. Brand names are importing food from other countries. The brand name stays on the label so we think we are buying food made in the US. In closing, if we want good jobs, then we have to buy American. If we want to protect our food supply, we have to buy American.

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David Schulze

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