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David's Garden Seeds And Products Newsletter
January 20, 2016

Hello Fellow Gardeners! It has been some time since our last newsletter. We promise to get better at it. My plan is to put out a newsletter every other week from now on.

One thing that has kept us busy is getting our garden ready for planting this year. We are dedicating most of our garden space to producing our first tomato seeds. We believe when the season is over we will have a tomato that will do better here in the Texas heat.

Each year we will plant this seed from the previous years with the hope that we will have a super plant that will produce all summer long here in South Texas.

Another thing that has kept us busy is moving our business from our home to a brick and mortar location. The Lord blessed us with a very good location and a great price. We are really happy with our new set up. There is even enough space to allow us to have a small store as well. If you are in the San Antonio area, stop by and see us at 7715 Tezel Drive, at the corner of Mainland and Tezel. In the photo above, you can see David standing outside the door of our new store above.

Below are a few more photos of the inside and outside of our new store and business: 1. The outside of the store. 2. Tiffany using our seed counter. 3. Juanita working the register in our retail area. 4. David in his new office.

Our Fall Garden did not do as well where the root crops are concerned. I think I planted them a bit late and then we have had a lot of rain--which is a good thing. We did plant 1015Y Onions and some Calabrese Broccoli that we are growing for the seeds. Our website, David's Garden Seeds has all of our products we offer for sale. You can order online or call us if you prefer talking to someone. Contact info is on each page.

If you plan on grafting tomatoes, now is the time to start them indoors here in the South. You will want to start yours about six weeks before your last freeze. I have planted mine and will be doing some grafting tomorrow. We will video this and post it as soon as we can.

I have some Rose tomato plants I will be planting out. It has been a warm winter for us so I am going to take a chance and plant some out. I actually have a couple of plants that are still hanging on from last year. We are adding a ton of new seeds to our store. We are pulling the peanuts, cotton and rice and replacing them with new and exciting stuff. I was working towards going all open-pollinated but then it was explained to me that people who like to do organic gardening like to use hybrids for their disease resistance so they do not need to use any chemicals at all--whether organic or not. So we are bringing some back.

At this time I believe we can say we have the largest selection of seeds in stock, every day. This is a passion for us, not a seasonal hobby. We are also carrying some cowpots and leak-proof trays.

We are testing a product we discovered a few weeks ago. It is a folding raised bed. Pop it open, fill it up with soil, and you are ready to go. We think they would be good for herbs and vine plants. Throw a few herb seeds in the raised bed and watch it grow and re-seed it self each year for tons of herbs and years of enjoyment.

To see our entire inventory of seeds, you can still go to our Amazon store, where we have many specialty seeds for your gardening enjoyment! We have added many new seeds so you will want to check it out and if you are an Amazon Prime member, you will enjoy free shipping.

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