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David's Garden Seeds And Products Newsletter
January 12, 2017
Happy New Year!

Fellow Gardeners,

We hope your spring garden planning is going well. We are excited because David’s Garden Seeds will be featured in the March release of Texas Gardener Magazine!

We have recently increased our entire stock of flowers by 20%.

We have added more new seeds to our lineup and we are pleased to announce that you can purchase our full inventory directly off of our website, David's Garden Seeds! We think you will be pleased with our selection.

What we have learned along the way:

Q: Which flower can grow along your vegetables while protecting them from pests from above and below?
A: Marigolds can kill off bad nematodes in the surrounding soil. The roots of French Marigolds, exude a substance that spreads in their immediate vicinity and kills the pests from below. While preventing other flying pests with its potent aroma.

Q: Which herb can be used to increase your vegetables taste and overall health?
A: Lovage is a common herb that improves the flavor and health of most plants. You can put one large plant in your garden or as a backdrop in the border and it will improve everything you grow.

Winter In Texas

If you live in Texas, then there is always something for you to be doing in the garden. This past Fall/Winter that something was Cover Crops! Green Manures, Mustard, Crimson Clovers, Rye Grass, and Buckwheat. All natural weed chokers while giving back much needed nutrition into the soil in time for Spring.


In Texas, it is almost time to start your tomato seeds for tomato grafting. At David's Garden Seeds you will find over 100 varieties of tomatoes as well as all the supplies you need for grafting tomatoes.

We pride ourselves in making available the most varieties of what Texas growers like to grow! David’s passion has always been growing from the best seeds in the market, while also making them available to local growers. Try our products, get familiar with another variety of what you like to grow. You might discover your new favorite vegetable. Let’s begin together.

Visit Our Store

Visit our store today, either in person at 7715 Tezel Road in San Antonio, Texas, or online at our website, David's Garden Seeds. You can also call your order in at (210)370-9873. Order your seeds now while our selection is great. Spring planting time will be here before you realize it! Until next time.

David Schulze

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