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David's Garden Seeds And Products Newsletter
July 03, 2015

Happy 4th of July! The year is half over and tomorrow is the day we celebrate the many freedoms we have here in the United States of America. God has truly blessed our nation.

He has also blessed San Antonio, Texas this year with a lot of rain! The four year drought is finally over and everything is green and lush! The plants in our garden and in our yard are thriving. We've been getting a ton of summer squash, green peppers, and strawberries and our tomatoes are large and almost ripe. Our herbs are doing very well. The rosemary, mint, sage, thyme, oregano, and tarragon are growing beautifully. There are flowers blooming everywhere and the trees are gorgeous.

We get asked a lot of questions via our website, David's Garden Seeds and our Facebook page, David's Garden Seeds On Facebook about whether our seeds are genetically modified (GMO). The answer is that all of our seeds are non GMO. We took the Safe Seed Pledge because we care about our family and yours. In fact, every page on our website has the following:

"David's Garden Seeds And Products has taken the Safe Seed Pledge.

This means that all of our seeds are non-GMO. We care about your family's health because we care about the health of our own family. You can safely grow plants that are all natural, safe, and healthy for you and for your loved ones."

New Shopping Cart On Our Site

We have been updating our website with a shopping cart so now you can purchase some of our seeds right on our website without leaving it. Please bear with us as we continue to add it to all of our "Buy" pages!

To see our entire inventory of seeds, you can still go to our Amazon store, where we have many specialty seeds for your gardening enjoyment! We have added many new seeds so you will want to check it out and if you are an Amazon Prime member, you will enjoy free shipping.

A ruler is now included in our newest packs of seeds showing you how deep to plant seeds. We found many new gardeners were having trouble with this so we found a way to help them. Most seeds should be planted no deeper than 1/4 of an inch so the ruler is marked at the quarter inch for your convenience.

Meet Us In Leakey on July 4th!

If you are in South Central Texas for the 4th of July, come see us at the July Jubilee in Leakey, Texas, deep in the heart of the Texas Hill Country. David's Garden Seeds has booth #38. We would love to meet you.

We will be selling our heat-resistant seeds that do well in Texas along with some beautiful plants that David and I have started from seed and from rooting--tomato plants, pepper plants, a variety of mints, citronella to keep the mosquitoes away and a collection of herbs such as rosemary, lemongrass, thyme, sage, oregano, and tarragon. There will be some fairy garden accessories and handmade jewelry by Juanita. We will be on the courthouse square starting at 8am. The parade is at 10am. We will close up shop at 4pm. Come and enjoy all of the festivities including the parade, floating on the river, the street dance and a rodeo in the evening.

On Sunday evening, our son and local Christian recording artist, Matt Schulze, will be live in concert for A Night Of Worship in Leakey at his grandfather's church, Church in the Valley at 6pm. Admission is free.

Matt will have his latest CD, My God Is Able, for purchase for a donation of just $10 and he would love to meet you. All songs on the CD were written by Matt. If you would rather get them for your iPod, go to iTunes and look up the album by typing in Matt Schulze and it will pop right up.

Matt is the worship leader at his church in San Antonio, Bone Of My Bone Ministries at 7717 Tezel Road. It is a non-denominational, Bible-preaching church. If you live in San Antonio and are looking for a church, come and visit. We will make you feel right at home and the music is awesome!

Have a wonderful holiday and happy gardening!

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