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Our About Us Page gives you some background information on how and why David's Garden Seeds® was created.

David loves to garden. He grew up gardening, both here in San Antonio and out in the Texas Hill Country town of Leakey. As a teenager, David had to weed the garden one fine day. When he was finished, he told his father he would never set foot in a garden again! Then he joined the Army, saw what he could of the world, got out of the Army, got married and grew a garden every year. That was almost 32 years ago and he is still growing gardens every spring and fall in San Antonio, Texas.

David at the Retail Store he set up at Al Asad Air Base in Iraq.
David working in Nagahar Province, Afghanistan.David working in Nagahar Province, Afghanistan.

About 16 years ago, David went to the Middle East as a civilian contractor and worked several jobs during the Second Gulf War. He worked in Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Kuwait, and Afghanistan. When he returned home, he could not find a decent job to support his family.

This Company is Veteran Owned!

David's Garden Seeds® is owned by a United States Veteran.  David Schulze, founder and owner, proudly served our country for eight years in the United States Army and then he served an additional five years working as a civilian in Iraq and Afghanistan with the United States Military. David started the business in 2009, after returning from the Middle East.

In September of 2009, he started David's Garden Seeds® because gardening is his favorite hobby. He started by selling some of his favorite seeds, all vegetables on Amazon. Once it took off, he added more and more veggies, some fruit seeds, herb seeds, and flower seeds. The company was built out of our home. Over time, David added valued team mates to help him with building the company. His wife, Juanita, helped every evening after getting home from her job.

David and Juanita in their seed store at 7717 Tezel in San Antonio, TX.David and Juanita in their seed store at 7717 Tezel in San Antonio, TX.

In November of 2015, David's Garden Seeds was relocated to 7715 Tezel Road as the business had outgrown the house. On February 29, 2016, Juanita quit her day job and joined the team full time.

In May of 2018, the business moved next door to 7717 Tezel Road because David's Garden Seeds® needed more room to operate. We are currently in our tenth year of business and we are having a lot of fun helping families learn how to grow their own food.

The David's Garden Seeds Team taken on 10/8/18 at Salt Grass celebrating our manager's birthday.Jay is in the second row on the right.The David's Garden Seeds Team taken on 10/8/18 at Salt Grass for our manager's birthday. Jay is in the second row on the right. Sierra works from NC so she is not in the photo.

David's Garden Seeds® Mission Statement

Here at David’s Garden Seeds®, gardening is our passion. We provide top quality, non-GMO seeds so families can learn about gardening and love it.  In turn, we hope they will pass this passion down to their children and grandchildren, teaching them to grow  delicious food, fresh herbs and beautiful flowers.

David's Garden Seeds® is now Registered in the United States Patent and Trademark Office as of April 3, 2018!David's Garden Seeds® is now Registered in the United States Patent and Trademark Office as of April 3, 2018!
This is the physical store in San Antonio that houses David's Garden Seeds. It is located at 7717 Tezel Road.

David's Garden Seeds ® has a physical store  located at 7717 Tezel Road in San Antonio, Texas.

Store Hours are Mon-Fri 9am to 5pm.

Email us at davidsgardenseeds @outlook.com with questions, comments, or orders.

Our Seed Collections

Click here to shop for our new Seed Collections that you will love! 

We are adding companion seed kits for more successful gardening.

We have a lovely selection of flower seeds. Our favorites are the Zinnias!

Gardening is not a seasonal hobby for us here at
David's Garden Seeds. It is a way of life!

Shop for Vegetable Seeds

This is David's Garden Seeds Bull's Blood Beet. The seeds are organic heirloom seeds.

We have a nice selection of kitchen herbs for you to grow.

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