Acquiring Country Farm Utilities


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This page is about acquiring country farm utilities. This was virgin utility land.  It is not going to be easy. We will be updating this as we go along.

So the first thing we decided to do was to go to the post office and find out what we needed to do. This was in Poteet Texas. They told us that we needed to go to Pleasanton to get a 911 address. 

So we went to Pleasanton where we met with the 911 folks and got an address pending approval by TX Dot. She told us we had to go to Jourdanton to check with TX Dot.  We arrived there and were told that we are on the border and had to go to Hondo to see the TX Dot people there to see about getting the mail box put in and the easement for the driveway.

One fine morning we decided to go and see what needed to be done to get the water hooked up since there is water available. We are just a few miles from the water well and tower.

We had to go to Lytle to get a permit to hook up. While there we found out that a hydrostatic study had to be done first. We paid $100 and were told in about two weeks we would hear from the engineer. 

We did hear from the engineer and in two weeks, once the water department gets the study, we can then go apply for the permit and in three weeks we can hook up. The problem is we have to be out of our home in two weeks. I guess we will be using a water tank for a bit.

Just when we thought the water should be hooked up, we received a call from the company handling this to say that we needed to fill out another form.  Another three week delay.

The septic tank should not be a problem.  It should be installed in about two weeks.

Electricity is provided by Karnes Electric which is located in Karnes City, Texas. I was able to call and set up an appointment for an engineer to come out and mark off where the poles would go and so on. This took three weeks to get an appointment. It will take another 2 weeks to get an estimate from him. And then in about 16 weeks we will get power, that is, if there are no storms or other disasters that keep them from hooking us up.

I guess we will be using a generator. 

The trash dumpster can be dropped off anytime. Only $129 a month and only emptied twice a month.

Also there is a trash dump at the back of the property. It is filled with all kinds of stuff. We will be hauling this stuff down to the dumpster. The problem is some people have gotten stuck in the sand. But it does seem to be softest at the entrance where it was not compacted by vehicles being run over it.

(Below is a picture of the roll off needed to do some land cleaning and a port-a-jon used for other types of cleaning--if you know what I mean. I had a port-a-jon ((called a refrigerator by those of us in the military)) delivered since there are no restrooms for miles around.)

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