Beans on Kauai

by Arnie Serota
(Kauai, Hawaii)

I've found that in our area which is in the tropics and gets 60-80 inches of rain per year, raised beds with T posts and wire mesh are great for growing indeterminate climbing tomatoes with pole beans and marigolds as companion plants. Ever since growing them together, the cherry tomatoes are supercharged by the nitrogen fixing legumes and look like they're on steroids. The marigolds add some nice color and keep a lot of bugs away. we have problems with oriental fruit flies here and I make fly traps with old plastic bottles and methyl eugenol as an attractant. The plastic mesh keeps the chickens and toads out.

I grow my bush beans with wire supports using fencing wire cut into 5 ft lengths and bending them into a circular tube for support. The mesh should be large enough for your hands to make harvesting easy.

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