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This pages gives details on how to buy Asian greens seeds from David's Garden Seeds.

Komatsuna Summerfest Asian Greens are mild, tender Japanese greens used for salads and braising mixes. Uniform, upright plants with slender, fleshy, rounded green stems and dark green, rounded leaves. Good heat tolerance. Ready to harvest in about 45 days.

Komatsuna Summerfest 500 Hybrid Seeds


Mizuna Asian Greens have broad leaves that make for easy bunching. Similar to standard mizuna, but the attractive, finely-divided leaves are bulkier and less deeply cut. Grows well in warm and cool conditions. Mild flavor.  Ready to harvest in about 21 days baby or 40 for full maturity.

Mizuna 500 Organic Seeds


Red Rain is an Asian green with deeply toothed leaves are similar in appearance to a mustard but with a mild rather than hot taste. Excellent for full size bunching or baby leaf. Holds well.  Ready to harvest in 21 (baby) to 45 days.

Red Rain 500 Hybrid Seeds


Tatsoi is a standard salad mix ingredient. Its leaves form a compact, thick rosette. This plant has a long harvest period and a mild taste for salads, stir-fries, etc. Thin to six to eight inches apart for full-sized rosettes. It is unique and easy to grow.

NOTE: This plant is suitable for late spring through autumn sowing. Spring sowings should be made after last frost date to eliminate risk of premature bolting.  Ready to harvest in 21(baby leaf) to 40 days.

Tatsoi 200 Organic Seeds


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