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Now you can buy Bee Balm Flower Seeds from David's Garden Seeds.

Panorama Mix Bee Balm Seeds have a beautiful mix of colors that create eye-catching edible blooms. They are popular in perennial flower gardens. Also known as bee balm, Oswego tea, and scarlet beebalm. 

Medicinal: Aerial parts in infusions to improve digestion. Leaves and blooms contain thymol-related antibiotic-antiseptic compounds. 

Edible Flowers: Add petals to salads, sprinkle over mild fish, use in fruit salads, or to garnish desserts and drinks. Flavor is minty and spicy. 

Grows to a height of 36 to 44 inches. 
Blooms in about 300-365 days.

Panorama Mix Bee Balm 100 Open Pollinated Seeds


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