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Arcadia has the  best cold tolerance for fall and winter production. A rugged, vigorous broccoli with mid-late maturity. Big plants with heavy, very firm, dark green, domed heads with a unique "frosted" appearance. Tolerant of cold stress. Excellent side-shoot production. Ready to eat in 58 days.

Arcadia 50 Hybrid Seeds


Calabrese was brought to U.S. by Italian gardeners, introduced to seed trade 1914-1918. Produces central head (3-6 in. diameter) plus many side shoots. Organically grown.  Ready to eat in 58 days.

Calabrese 50 Organic Heirloom Seeds


De Cicco is a favorite multi-cut Italian variety. A traditional Italian heirloom variety producing small, 3-4", main heads projected well above the foliage followed by a large yield of side-shoot spears. Nonuniform in maturity, resulting in a long harvest period. Harvest main head when 3" in diameter or less to encourage heavier side-shoot production. For spring or fall production. Organically grown.  Ready to harvest in 48 days.

De Cicco 50 Organic Heirloom Seeds


Happy Rich is the best tasting Broccoli-Gailon cross. Uniform, vigorous, dark green plants are topped with jumbo-size florets that resemble mini heads of broccoli.  Ready to harvest in 55 days.

Mini Happy Rich 100 Hybrid Seeds


Purple Sprouting Broccoli is actually an English heirloom variety bred for overwintering. Tall and prolific, Purple Sprouting Broccoli grows slowly through the winter and sprouts in the spring. A wonderfully interesting addition to your garden that is just as flavorful.  Ready to eat in about 50 days.

Purple Sprouting 100 Heirloom Seeds


Sessantina has early, large buds. Leaves and buds have more of the "bloom" and color of regular broccoli. Thick, tender shoots and buds. Fall, winter, and spring crops.  Ready to harvest in about 35 days.

Raab Sessantina Grossa 500 Open Pollinated Seeds


Spring Raab is best for main season crops. The most versatile broccoli raab variety for growing throughout the season. Especially for spring and summer harvest, and overwintering in mild climates. Big plant, relatively late maturity.  Ready to eat in about 42 days.

Raab Spring 200 Open Pollinated Seeds


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