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This page gives instructions on how to buy bunching onion seeds from David's Garden Seeds.

Deep Purple Bunching Onions are a deep red-purple in color. The first red bunching type that is highly colored at any temperature. For spring or summer sowing.  Ready to eat in 60 days.

Deep Purple 200 Organic Seeds


Evergreen Hardy White is the most winter-hardy bunching onion. Sow in spring for summer use or sow in fall for overwintering. Little or no bulbing. If your winters are severe, this is the one to grow. May be handled as a perennial by dividing the clumps the second summer to produce a new crop. Ready to eat in 65 days.

Evergreen Hardy White 500 Organic Seeds


Guardsman Bunching Onions are the earliest bunching onion we've found. This cross between a bunching onion and a bulb onion produces the shape of a bunching onion with a strong root system, larger top, and the mildness of a bulb onion.  Ready to eat in 50 days.

Guardsman 500 Open Pollinated Seeds


Nebechan Bunching Onions have a better, sweeter, more complex flavor than other bunching onions. Upright plants with uniform, thick shanks and no bulbing. Nebechan is a traditional Japanese variety grown for its high quality. Can also be grown like a leek to create a unique large scallion known as "negi" in Japan.  Ready to harvest in 60 days.

Nebechan 500 Hybrid Seeds


The Tokyo Long White Bunching Onion – or Scallion – is an extremely tasty Japanese heirloom variety that grows well throughout the United States. Produces lovely white stalks with green leaves. Use Tokyo Long White Bunching Scallions in soups, stir-fries, and omelets. Ready to eat in about 90 days.

Tokyo Long 500 Heirloom Seeds


White Spear Bunching Onions have tall, upright, blue-green leaves, thick, cylindrical, white stems; its leaves resist breaking. You can increase the blanched white portion by hilling   plants with soil or transplanting deeply (see Leeks). Not as winter-hardy as Evergreen.  Ready to eat in 68 days.

White Spear 500 Open Pollinated Seeds


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