Cabbage Seeds


Now you can buy Cabbage Seeds from David's Garden Seeds. Our Non-GMO seeds make gardening a healthy and fun way of life for the whole family.

Acclaim Cabbage

Acclaim Cabbage (Green) 50 Hybrid Seeds


Large, solid, uniform heads. Works best in the spring slot. Widely adapted.

Harvest in about 60 days.

Alcosa Cabbage

Alcosa Cabbage (Green) 100 Hybrid Seeds


Small savoyed cabbage. Early producer of round, 2 to 4 pounds of deep blue-green, crinkled heads. Alcosa's well-packed, thin, yellow interior leaves quickly fill in, making it a smart choice for closely spaced plantings of mini cabbages. Flavor improves with cold weather. Best in cooked dishes. Intermediate resistance to downy mildew.

Harvest in about 72 days.

Bilko Cabbage

Bilko Cabbage (Green) 50 Hybrid, Organic Seeds


Full-size organic variety. Compared to Rubicon, Bilko is slightly bigger at 12 inches, darker green, and a couple of days later. Wide adaptability. Slow-bolting heads have a good, mild, sweet flavor. 

Harvest in about 54 days.

Capture Cabbage

Capture Cabbage (Green) 100 Hybrid Seeds


Excellent for Southern areas with black rot pressure. Capture is a vigorous grower that produces 3 to 6 pound heads depending on planting density. Heads are round when grown in the South but will be flat-round when grown in the North. 

Harvest in about 87 days.

Caraflex Cabbage

Caraflex Cabbage (Green) 50 Hybrid Seeds


Pointed mini cabbage. Extremely uniform, small heads with good wrapper leaves. Inner leaves are tender, crunchy, and have an excellent, sweet and mild cabbage flavor. Perfect for summer salads, slaws, or cooked dishes. In the UK, they are harvested early in the season, before they have fully headed, and sold as "spring greens."

Harvest in about 68 days.

Chinese Michihili Cabbage

Chinese Michihili Cabbage 200 Heirloom Seeds


Michihili is an heirloom Chinese cabbage. Its light green leaves are tender and delicious, ideal for stir fries and pickling, and many other Asian dishes. Michihili Chinese cabbages thrive in milder climates but can be grown in any zone. Warmer areas may experience a slightly earlier harvest date and heads may grow in a looser leaf formation.

Harvest in about 80 days.

Chinese Minuet Cabbage

Chinese Minuet Cabbage 200 Hybrid Seeds


Chinese Minuet Cabbage is the best mini variety. 9 inch by 7 inch heads with dark green outer leaves and an attractive yellow interior. Light, sweet taste. Space 12 inches apart for high yields of upright, dense heads. Slow to bolt. Tolerant to bottom rot and black speck.

Harvest in about 48 days. 

Chinese Red Dragon Cabbage

Chinese Red Dragon Cabbage (Purple) 100 Hybrid Seeds


Brilliant red heads. Full-sized 10 inch heads that are bright red, inside and out. Compared to green napa types, flavor is slightly stronger and heads are not quite as dense at maturity. Culinary uses include salads, stir-fries, and kimchee. NOTE: Prone to internal tipburn (decay of inner leaves that is not visible in uncut heads), especially in hot weather, so we suggest trialing this variety.

Harvest in about 60 days.

Chinese Rubicon Cabbage

Chinese Rubicon Cabbage (Green) 100 Hybrid Seeds


Full-size organic variety. Compared to Rubicon, Bilko is slightly bigger at 12 inches, darker green, and a couple of days later. Wide adaptability. Slow-bolting heads have a good, mild, sweet flavor. 

Harvest in about 54 days.

Copenhagen Market Cabbage

Copenhagen Market Cabbage 200 Heirloom Seeds


Old fashioned early favorite! Short season variety. Uniform, solid, 6 to 8 inch round heads. 3 to 4 and 1/2 pounds. Crisp and tender. Good keeper. Perfect for small gardens. Great for salads, coleslaw and sauerkraut! FM, HG.  

Harvest in about 70 days.

Deadon Cabbage

Deadon Cabbage (Green) 25 Hybrid Seeds


Beautiful red savoy with light green interior leaves. The magenta color intensifies with colder weather for this January King type cabbage. Medium-large, firm heads have a delicious, sweet flavor. High resistance to fusarium yellows. 

Harvest in about 105 days.

Dutch Cabbage

Dutch Cabbage 200 Organic Seeds


Dutch Cabbage does well in southern and coastal areas thanks to its heat resistance. Excellent sauerkraut variety and the best variety for storage. Large, flat heads, 6 to 10 pounds, average 11 inches with medium core and few outside leaves. 

Harvest in about 85 days.

Early Jersey Wakefield Cabbage

Early Jersey Wakefield Cabbage 200 Heirloom Seeds


Sweet and flavorful, solid and tightly folded conical heads that resist splitting. Will grow up to 5 inches at base tapering at the top. 2 to 3 pounds. Greenish white interior. Heat sensitive. FM, HG. 

Harvest in about 70 days.

Famosa Cabbage

Famosa Cabbage (Green) 25 Hybrid, Organic Seeds


Mid-season organic savoy. Famosa has deep blue-green heads weighing in at 2 to 4 pounds. The yellow tinted interior is filled with great, tender leaves with a very good flavor. Best in cooked dishes. Intermediate resistance to downy mildew. Organically grown. 

Harvest in about 75 days.

Farao Cabbage

Farao Cabbage (Green) 50 Hybrid Seeds


Delicious early cabbage. Attractive deep green, 3 pounds heads are filled with tender, thin, crisp, peppery-sweet leaves. Holds well in the field and is slow to split. Organically grown. 

Harvest in about 65 days.

Integro Cabbage

Integro Cabbage (Red) 25 Hybrid Seeds


A mid-late red with good flavor. Medium-sized heads have a uniform, high-round shape. The leaves are thick and crisp, but not tough. Long standing in the field. Short core. Organically grown 

Harvest in about 85 days.

Golden Acre Cabbage

Golden Acre Cabbage 200 Heirloom Seeds


Early 3 to 4 pound green heads on compact plants. 5 to 7 inches in diameter, round, solid, tight, well balanced heads of excellent quality. Sweet spicy flavor with buttery undertones when cooked. Great for coleslaw and stir-fries. Great space savers!

USES: Fresh Markets, Home Gardens, Shipping. Resistant to Fusarium Yellows & Race. 

Harvest in about 70 days.

Kaitlin Cabbage

Kaitlin Cabbage (Green) 50 Hybrid Seeds


Mid-term storage variety for sauerkraut. Kaitlin is a large, late-season cabbage that produces a high-quality, high dry-matter white cabbage for sauerkraut. It is a mid-term storage cabbage that will store well until December or January. Kaitlin's interior remains quite white, not green, after storage. High resistance to fusarium yellows

Harvest in about 94 days.

Murdoc Cabbage

Murdoc Cabbage (Green) 50 Hybrid Seeds


Large pointed cabbage for sauerkraut and slaw. Murdoc's large heads average 7 to 8 pounds. and are packed with very tender and flavorful leaves. It is especially suited for Weisskraut, a Bavarian specialty which is mild and more tender than typical sauerkraut. It also excellent for cole slaws, stir fries, and sautés. Will store approximately 30 to 60 days.

Harvest in about 80 days.

Omero Cabbage

Omero Cabbage (Green) 50 Hybrid Seeds


Midseason red with good flavor. The average 3 pound heads are a vibrant bright red and are round to slightly oval. Good, slightly sweet and peppery flavor. Suitable for planting at close spacing to produce mini heads. More attractive than Super Red 80, which it replaced. 

Harvest in about 73 days.

Primo Vantage Cabbage

Primo Vantage Cabbage (Green) 100 Hybrid Seeds


Mid-early with great flavor. Heads average about 4 to 4 and 1/2 pounds, contain a very short core, and are very juicy, tender, and sweet. Holds well in the field. Primo Vantage has performed well in the East, West, and desert Southwest. 

Harvest in about 73 days.

Red Acre Cabbage

Red Acre Cabbage (Purple) 500 Organic, Heirloom Seeds


Round, 5 to 7 inches, reddish purple heads weigh about 3 pounds. Adds a festive color to cole slaw. An excellent storage variety with resistance to cabbage yellows. Heads may sunburn in hot weather, so best for early spring and Fall crops. Organically grown seeds. 

Harvest in about 80 days.

Red Express Cabbage

Red Express Cabbage 100 Organic Seeds


Red Express Cabbage is an extra-early red. Compact plants and solid, round, two to four pound heads with good appearance and flavor. Relatively split resistant. Recommended for Northern areas. Organically grown.

Harvest in about 70 days.

Ruby Perfection Cabbage

Ruby Perfection Cabbage 100 Hybrid Seeds


Ruby Perfection Cabbage is a fancy fall storage red cabbage, the number one mid-late red cabbage. The heads are medium-sized and dense with a uniform high-round shape and good wrapper leaves with good field-holding ability. Matures just in time for late summer crops or fall harvest for medium-term storage. Resistant to thrips. 

Harvest in about 85 days.

Storage No. 4 Cabbage

Storage No. 4 Cabbage (Green) 50 Hybrid Seeds


Excellent eating quality from storage. For fresh use and storage. Makes nice cabbage even under fertility or weather stress. Firms up in as few as 75 days for fresh use, continuing to enlarge to 4 to 8 pounds for midfall harvest. The solid heads have delicious, crisp leaves, and are capable of long-term storage into spring. Flavor is superior to the typical cabbages available at the supermarket. 

Harvest in about 95 days.

Tendersweet Cabbage (Green) 50 Hybrid Seeds


Great flavor for fresh use or light cooking. Midsize, flat heads stand well without splitting. Tender leaves are very thin, sweet, and crisp — perfect for coleslaw or stir-fries. The leaves, used whole or cut into squares, are also suitable for wraps. Widely adapted for spring, summer, and early fall harvest.  Harvest in about 71 days.

Tiara Cabbage

Tiara Cabbage (Green) 100 Hybrid Seeds


Mini cabbage for high-density plantings. Tiara produces beautiful, averaging 1 to 2 pound round heads packed with mildly-sweet leaves that are excellent for cooking or fresh use. Delicious flavor — an annual favorite in our taste tests

Harvest in about 63 days.

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