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Michihili is an heirloom Chinese cabbage. Its light green leaves are tender and delicious, ideal for stir fries and pickling, and many other Asian dishes. Michihili Chinese cabbages thrive in milder climates but can be grown in any zone. Warmer areas may experience a slightly earlier harvest date and heads may grow in a looser leaf formation.

Chinese Michihili 200 Heirloom Seeds


Chinese Minuet Cabbage is the best mini variety. 9" x 7" heads with dark green outer leaves and an attractive yellow interior. Light, sweet taste. Space 12" apart for high yields of upright, dense heads. Slow to bolt. Tolerant to bottom rot and black speck. Ready to eat in 48 days.

Chinese Minuet 200 Hybrid Seeds


Old fashioned early favorite! Short season variety. Uniform, solid, 6-8” round heads. 3-4 ½ lbs. Crisp and tender. Good keeper. Perfect for small gardens. Great for salads, slaws and sauerkraut! FM, HG.   Harvest in about 70 days.

Copenhagen Market 200 Heirloom Seeds


Dutch Cabbage does well in southern and coastal areas thanks to its heat resistance. Excellent sauerkraut variety and the best variety for storage. Large, flat heads, 6-10 pounds, average 11 inches with medium core and few outside leaves.  Ready to harvest in 85 days.

Dutch 200 Organic Seeds


Sweet and flavorful, solid and tightly folded conical heads that resist splitting. Will grow up to 5” at base tapering at the top. 2-3 lbs. Greenish white interior. Heat sensitive. FM, HG.  Harvest in about 70 days.

Early Jersey Wakefield 200 Heirloom Seeds


Call it red…call it purple…call it tasty! The Red Acre Cabbage is as colorful as it is delicious. Excellent in coleslaw! Plant Red Acre Cabbage Seeds and enjoy a bountiful and beautiful feast!  Ready to eat in 76 days.

Red Acre 25 Organic Heirloom Seeds


Red Express Cabbage is an extra-early red. Compact plants and solid, round, two to four pound heads with good appearance and flavor. Relatively split resistant. Recommended for Northern areas. Organically grown. Ready to eat in 63 days.

Red Express 100 Organic Seeds


Ruby Perfection Cabbage is a fancy fall storage red cabbage, the number one  mid-late red cabbage. The heads are medium-sized and dense with a uniform high-round shape and good wrapper leaves with good field-holding ability. Matures just in time for late summer crops or fall harvest for medium-term storage. Resistant to thrips.  Ready to harvest in 72 days.

Ruby Perfection 100 Hybrid Seeds


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