Celosia Flower Seeds


Now you can buy Celosia flower seeds from David's Garden Seeds. Our Non-GMO seeds make gardening a healthy and fun way of life for the whole family.

Chief Mix Celosia

Chief Mix Celosia 100 Open Pollinated Seeds


Chief Mix Celosia Seeds were bred especially for cut flower production. Sturdy plants with strong stems and crisp colors: dark red, carmine, rose, gold, and red and yellow bi-color. Heads may reach 7 inches across. Great fresh or dried. Also known as cockscomb and crested cock's comb. Grows to a height of 36 to 40 inches. Blooms in 90-120 days.

Chief Persimmon Celosia

Chief Persimmon Celosia 100 Open Pollinated Seeds


Chief Persimmon Celosia seeds grow sturdy plants with strong stems. Warm, apricot two to seven inch blooms make useful fresh or dried cut flowers. Also known as cockscomb and crested cock's comb.  Blooms in 90-120 days.

Gold Celosia Flowers

Sunday Gold Celosia 50 Open Pollinated Seeds


Vibrant and uniform filler. Uniform, productive plants. 4-8" long, bright golden-yellow plumes on long stems. Rich color complements high-summer and autumn arrangements. Height  30 to 40 inches. Blooms in 60 days.

Golden Plume Celosia

Golden Plume Celosia 500 Open Pollinated Seeds


Plant Golden Plume Celosia Seeds and get soft, feathery plumes in golden yellow that flicker atop green foliage. This ornamental annual graces borders and beds and is a favorite cut flower for florists as well. Enjoy in the garden, in a vase, and in dried arrangements too as Celosia keeps its beautiful color long after its fresh life is over. Blooms in about 60 days.

Pampas Plume Mix Celosia

Pampas Plume Mix Celosia 100 Open Pollinated Seeds


Plant Mixed Pampas Plume Celosia Seeds. Our Pampas Plume Mix will bring your garden much excitement as their soft, feathery plumes stretch up in striking colors. Plant as a group to enhance their relevance in the garden, flower heads can last up to 8 weeks! Bring the beauty inside as these flowers do well as a cut flower too. Blooms in 60 days.

Ruby Parfait Celosia Flower

Ruby Parfait Celosia Flower (Purple) 50 Open Pollinated Seeds


Productive bouquet filler or accent flower. Dark rose, arrow-shaped plumes. 2 to 3 inch textural flower spikes on full, branching plants can stand alone in a bouquet, be used as filler, or make a grand statement in the flower garden. A sweet and sturdy addition to boutonnières. Excellent vase life. Also known as wheat celosia, and red fox. The average height is about 24 to 26 inches. Blooms in about 110 to 120 days.

Sylphid Celosia Flower

Sylphid Celosia Flower (White) 50 Open Pollinated Seeds


Highly uniform plants produce lemon-lime colored plumes that complement any color combination. Feathery plumes sit on tall, straight stems. Also known as cockscomb, Prince of Wales feather, and prince feather. Blooms in about 95 to 100 days.

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