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This page gives instructions on how to buy chive herb seeds from David's Garden Seeds.

Dolores Chive

Dolores Chive (Green) 200 Open Pollinated Seeds


Uniform, slender leaves for fresh use. Highly consistent upright habit with fine, dark-green leaves. Ideal for gourmet use. Habit is more uniform and upright than Fine Leaf, which Dolores replaces.  Harvest in about 100 days.

Garlic Medium Leaf Chive (Green) 200 Organic Seeds


Standard medium-leaf chive. Suitable for many uses, including fresh use and processing. Plant habit is similar to Purly's, but not as uniform as Staro's. Organically grown.  Harvest in about 100 days.

Garlic Nira Chive (Green) 200 Organic Seeds


Upright, full plants. Wide, flat leaves are attractive and easy to harvest. Mild garlic flavor. Organically grown.   Harvest in about 100 days.

Staro Chive

Staro Chive (Purple) 500 Open Pollinated Seeds


Heaviest leaf for processing and freezing. Best for markets demanding a thicker leaf for freezing, drying, or fresh use. Chives might also help in the fight against cancer because they contain many antioxidants that help destroy free radicals and discourage the growth of cancerous cells and tumors. Wong and Ricci note that chives help your body produce glutathione, an agent that enables your body to identify toxins and other cancer-causing substances and eliminate them. Eating chives might help your body digest your food better and make use of more nutrients food offers. Chives work by getting rid of bacteria, yeast and fungi in your intestinal tract so that your entire digestive system works as it should.  Harvest in about 100 days.

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