Columbine Seeds

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Barlow Mix Columbine Wildflower

Barlow Mix Columbine 50 Open Pollinated Seeds


Clematis-flowered columbine with fluffy, star-shaped blooms that have pointed, overlapping petals resemble petite clematis flowers. Fully double 1 1/2" upward-facing and nodding, spurless flowers. Blooms late spring of the second year from a spring sowing.

An excellent cut flower, it has strong, straight stems and fills the gap between early spring and summer bouquets. Produces multiple blooms per stem.

Mix includes Victorian shades in a complementary color palette: Aline Fairweather (rose), Black Barlow (almost black), Blue Barlow (violet), Bordeaux Barlow (deep wine red), Miss M.I. Huish (dark purple), Nora Barlow (rose centers fading to white with green tips), White Barlow (white), and Christa (purple-edged white).

Attracts hummingbirds. Perennial in Zones 3-9. Ht. 32-42".

Blooms in about 365 days.

McKana Giant Columbine Wildflower

McKana Giant Columbine 500 Open Pollinated Seeds


McKana Giant Columbine Seeds grow beautiful blooms in radiant hues of red, white, yellow and purple. Our McKana Giant Columbine Seed Mix will liven up any garden, meadow or flowerbed; plus, they make a lovely bouquet!  McKana Giant Columbines stand 2 to 3 feet high and produce buttercup shaped flowers that are 3 to 4 inches across. Elite gardeners chose McKana Giants!  Blooms in 60 to 90 days.

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