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Rose is a deep rose-red color, and is large and meaty.  Try this for great tasting, big, sandwich-size tomatoes.  John David Helsel of Connecticut sent the seeds in 1991. His sister, Dr. Grace Kaiser, was a physician to the Amish in New Holland, PA, and was given seeds in 1960 by Hannah Lapp, one of her patients. Indeterminate.  Ready to harvest in about 78 days.

Rose Beefsteak Tomato 400 Heirloom Seeds


Cherokee Purple Beefsteak tomato seeds are an unusual variety with full flavor. Medium-large, flattened globe fruits. Color is dusky pink with dark shoulders. Multi-ocular interior ranges from purple to brown to green. Relatively short vines. Indeterminate.  Organic, heirloom seeds.  Harvest in about 70 days.

Cherokee Purple Beefsteak Tomato 400 Heirloom Seeds


Determinate. A cousin of the "Floradade", the Homestead Tomato is another variety that is particularly well suited to warm and humid environments. Fruits can weigh up to two pounds. However, the Homestead is also very successfully grown by home vegetable gardeners and commercial growers throughout more temperate regions of the United States.  Harvest in about 90 days.

Homestead Beefsteak Tomato 400 Heirloom Seeds


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