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Avalanche BeetAvalanche Beet

Mild and sweet white beet. Improved uniformity, seedling vigor, and flavor. Roots also are more of the traditional, round beet shape. Widely adaptable. AAS winner. One seed produces one beet.

Harvest in 60 days.

Avalanche Beet 200 Open Pollinated Seeds


Bull's Blood Beet

Our Bull's Blood beet seeds are heirloom seeds. They have deep burgundy leaves for salad mix. This heirloom variety produces beautiful, dark red leaves to jazz up your salad mix even under low-light conditions. The foliage color intensifies as the plant matures. Striking, both baby and full size. Roots show attractive candy-striped zoning when sliced. Organically grown.  Best production when grown in fall, winter and spring.

Harvest in 55 days.

Bull's Blood Beet 200 Heirloom Seeds


Touchstone Gold Beet

The Touchstone Gold is a striking golden-fleshed beet. Smooth golden roots with bright yellow flesh retain their color when cooked. Excellent, sweet flavor. Leaves and petioles are green. Very good germination for a golden beet.  One seed  produces one beet. 

Harvest in 55 days.

Touchstone Gold Beet 200 Seeds


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