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This page talks about how to buy doomsday corn seeds from David's Garden Seeds.

We recommend for a yellow corn, Nothstine Dent.  A favorite for yellow cornmeal.  Maturing early, the 7 to 8 inch ears are medium sized, having glossy yellow kernels with white caps. Dries early in the field for success in short seasons. While not high yielding, Nothstine's sweet flavor is enough reason to grow it, and it is still the best variety for cornmeal and flour. 7 foot single-ear plants.

Nothstine Dent Corn 5500 Heirloom Seeds


If you want a blue corn, then we suggest Jerry Peterson.  Jerry Peterson Corn is a reliable, attractive blue corn. The 7-8" ears have good kernel configuration and excellent tip fill.  7' plants.  Ready to harvest in 105 days.

Jerry Peterson Dent Corn 5500 Seeds


For a dent corn, with multiple colors, that may deter a food scavenger, the Painted Mountain is our recommendation.  Painted Mountain Corn is an ultra-early, colorful, Montana mountain corn. Dave Christensen has spent 30 years in the mountains of Montana developing it for hardiness and earliness. Avg. 6-7 inch, multi-color ears for easy grinding, and for eating fresh: parched (roasted) or in hominy grits. Avg. 4 foot plants.  Ready to harvest in 85 days.

Painted Mountain Dent Corn 5500 Seeds


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