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Hales Best Cantaloupe

Hales Best Cantaloupe 500 Heirloom Seeds


"Hale's Best" has been around forever, but never equaled. Your grandmother grew it, and almost every "great cantaloupe" you've ever enjoyed has been this variety. It's a rapidly growing vine with melons of great rich orange color, lots of juice, and a small seed cavity giving you maximum goodness per melon. Gotta' have these in your garden.

Produces 4 to 5 pounds. fruits measuring 5-1/2 by 7 inches. Fruits are heavily netted and lightly ribbed. Drought-resistant variety with sweet flavor. Resists powdery mildew. Sweet flavor develops in the last two weeks. Reduce water.  Ready to harvest in about 79 days.

Sweet Granite Cantaloupe

Sweet Granite Cantaloupe 500 Seeds


Sweet Granite is the earliest-ripening cantaloupe. Developed for far northern, coastal, and mountain climates. Gardeners in these difficult, cool weather areas often grow their first ripe melons ever, using this variety. The oblong, orange-fleshed fruits have light netting, and average about 3 lb. Melons are sweet with average flavor. An open-pollinated precursor to newer hybrids. Ready to harvest in 70 days.

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Golden Beauty Casaba Melon

Golden Beauty Casaba Melon 500 Heirloom Seeds


Break open the bright yellow rind of the popular Golden Beauty Casaba Melon to reveal sweet and tender, cream colored flesh. Incorrectly called a honeydew by some, this melon can grow up to 8 pounds and has a thin rind, making more room for the sweet interior flesh.  Harvest in about 90 days.

Honeydew Orange Melon

Honeydew Orange Melon 500 Open Pollinated Seeds


The Honeydew Orange is an absolutely delicious – and beautiful – honeydew melon. Taste is immensely sweet with hints of creaminess. An excellent honeydew choice for either home or market growers.

Harvest in 90 days.

Sugar Baby Watermelon

Sugar Baby Watermelon 400 Heirloom Seeds


Sugar Baby watermelon is the standard of small watermelons. Round fruits, 6-8" in diameter, averaging 8-10 lb. Ripe melons are almost black. Good flavor. Tough rinds resist cracking. The standard of "icebox" melons for many years.  Harvest in 76 days.

Tendergold Watermelon

Tendergold Watermelon (Orange) 400 Open Pollinated Seeds


Plant produces good yields of medium size 28 pound watermelons.

This is one of the best yellow to orange flesh watermelons on the market. It has solid flesh that is very crisp, very sweet, and very flavorable. The yellow flesh turns more orange as it ripens and taste improves with time.

It keeps well and will last 7 to 20 days longer after ripening. Grow pink, red, white, and yellow watermelons to make a great tasting salad. Excellent choice for home gardeners and market growers.

Disease Resistant: A, FW

The rind is dark green with a mottled stripe of a lighter green. It has a very uniform shape and size also it has a much tougher rind than our other orange and yellow varieties, which makes it a much better shipping melon.

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All of the variety information on the David's Garden Seeds® website, including the days to maturity, color and size are based on data from tests done at specific locations. Many factors, including geographic location, daytime and nighttime temperatures, the availability of plant nutrients, many unknown climate factors and insects/pest interact to determine a variety's performance. For information on which varieties will perform best in your area, we recommend that you contact your local county extension agent or a Master Gardener.

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