Doomsday Hybrid beet Seeds


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This page gives instructions on how to buy doomsday hybrid beet seeds from David's Garden Seeds.

There are two types of beets that David recommends.

The first is the Boro.  David likes this beet because it is fast maturing and the tops can be eaten as well.

Beet Boro 5000 Non-GMO, Hybrid Seeds


Fast maturing and Cercospora resistant. Tough, widely adapted, and reliable. Smooth, rich red skin and excellent flavor. Attractive fine taproot. Big healthy tops.  Harvest in about 50 days.

The next is the Red Ace.  Another fast maturing beet.

Beet Red Ace 5000 Non-GMO, Hybrid Seeds


The best all-around red beet. Round, smooth, deep red roots grow rapidly and uniformly. Sweet and tender, even when older. Medium-tall, red-veined greens for bunching.  Harvest in about 50 days.

Remember, hybrid plants are not good for seed production.

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