Doomsday Hybrid Cauliflower Seeds


This page gives instructions on how to buy Doomsday Hybrid Cauliflower Seeds from David's Garden Seeds®.

David recommends Cheddar which is orange and Depurple which is purple.  Since most people think that cauliflower is white, these off colors might confuse scavengers.  They just might look elsewhere for food.

Cheddar Cauliflower is a hybrid.

Cauliflower Cheddar 1000 Non-GMO, Hybrid Seeds


Bright orange heads. This beautiful, early, orange cauliflower holds well in the field. It becomes an even brighter orange when lightly cooked.  Harvest in about 58 days.

DePurple Cauliflower is a hybrid.

Cauliflower Depurple 1000 Non-GMO, Hybrid Seeds


Depurple has lavender/pink coloring.  Uniform maturity and consistent performance under different environmental conditions.  Harvest in about 80 days.

Keep in mind that hybrid seeds cannot be used for seed production.

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