Doomsday Hybrid Onion Seeds


This page gives instructions on how to buy doomsday hybrid onion seeds from David's Garden Seeds. 

David recommends Cabernet for a red onion and Candy for a yellow onion. He has grown Candy and it is an easy onion to grow. Both can be stored up to 6 months.

Cabernet Red Onion

Onion Cabernet 2000 Non-GMO, Hybrid Seeds


Early yields of red onions. Cabernet produces medium-large globe-shaped onions with deep red color. Late-intermediate adaptation gives an earlier harvest than long-day reds without sacrificing size. Good internal color, mostly single centers. 4-6 month storage. Adaptation: 35-45° latitude.  Harvest in about 110 days.

Candy Yellow Onion

Onion Candy 2000 Non-GMO, Hybrid Seeds


Widely adapted, mid-day. Slightly flattened yellow onion has potential for large size, especially when sown for overwintering in its optimum 33-40° latitude range. A Walla Walla-type for growing farther south.  Harvest in about 110 days.

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